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    Make Room In Your Closet, Because Adidas Is Having An Up To 30% Off Sale

    Run, don't walk — this sale only lasts until the 18th.

    Shoes, clothing, shopping, what a concept these days! Well with up to 30% off Adidas items site-wide from now until 5/18, you can count me back in!

    Here are some of our faves to get you started:

    1. A pair of Continental 80 shoes that'll take you feet first back to 1985.

    White shoe with one thin black stripe and one thin red stripe going down the outside of the shoe parallel to the laces

    2. A pair of sleek white or black shoes with gold accent stripes down the side for stylish flair you'll fall in love with.

    3. A pair of classic laceless Superstars for anyone who has seen these everywhere and finally wants to get their hands (feet?) on them!

    A shoe with a white base and bright blue classic adidas stripes down the side with a vibrant lime green sole and heel

    4. A pair of NMD R1 shoes, which I know you can't see in this photo because they're camouflage, but just take my word for it, they look dope!

    Shoes with camouflage design all over the shoe

    5. A pair of classic Adidas tracksuit pants made out of recycled material so you can lounge around the house or walk around the block ~in style~.

    Cropped image of person wearing Adidas pants

    6. A pair of Superstars with a metal toe cap to help you always put your best foot forward.

    Black shoes with a golden toe cap

    7. A pair of blue and red color stripped Superstars for an old-school look that's sure to still turn heads.

    White shoe with blue and red alternating Adidas stripes down the center side with a bright red heal lip

    8. A pair of Superstar Bolds, because they'll give you extra height and you like standing out from the crowd. Remember crowds?

    White shoes with thicker than normal "bold" Adidas stripes down the side of the shoe

    9. A pair of Ultraboost DNA shoes to give you support all day long if you're on your feet..

    A cream colored shoe with the sole half of it hot pink and the other half creamy orange

    10. A backless swimsuit with a mesh angled-slit design in the front because it's getting hotter outside and you have access to a pool, lake, or some remote romantic riverbed. Congratulations btw!

    A person wearing the swimsuit

    11. A pair of Stan Smith shoes we what? STAN! Why? Because just look at them!

    Red sneakers the color of a bold red lipstick with matching red laces, and a pop of royal blue on the heal lip

    Don't forget to use code, "SAVENOW" for up to 30% off Adidas items site-wide from now until 5/18. This is live footage of you adding a pair of shoes to your cart:

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