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    May 20, 2020

    Make Room In Your Closet, Because Adidas Is Having An Up To 50% Off Sale

    Shoes, tights, accessories, and more — all for up to 50% off from now until 5/25.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Do you love saving tons of $$$? Do you also love sneakers, athleisure, and stripes in groups of three?

    NBC / Via Giphy

    Well do we have great news for you!! Adidas is having an up to 50% off sale site-wide!

    NBC / Via Giphy

    Here are some of our faves to get you started:

    1. A thin-strapped hot pink sports bra because the one you have from six years ago no longer sparks joy and, well, Marie Kondo would have some advice for you there.

    Person wearing the sports bra

    Promising review: "I am happy with the purchase. The sports bra sat perfectly, and the size matches the size grid. The quality is excellent; I recommend."—LILIIA12

    Price: $20 (originally $25; available in sizes XS–XL)

    2. A pair of Continental 80 shoes that'll take you feet first back to 1985.

    White shoe with one thin black stripe and one thin red stripe going down the outside of the shoe parallel to the laces

    Promising review: "I have purchased two pairs because I love them. They are comfortable and I get a lot of compliments." —CYD

    Price: $64 (originally $80; available in men's and woman's sizes 4.5–15 and 20 colors)

    3. A pair of high-rise tights inspired by the ocean to help you ~wave~ goodbye to your old workout pants!

    A person wearing the workout tights that look tie-dyed a deep blue color with lighter blues coming through

    Promising review: "These leggings are in a lightweight, soft, comfortable fabric that is still supportive. The pattern is really nice too! I couldn’t be happier!"—EVAMEL

    Price: $52 (originally $65; available in sizes XS–XL)

    4. A pair of classic Superstars for anyone who has seen these everywhere and finally wants to get their hands (feet?) on them!

    A shoe with a white base and pale purple stripes down the side

    Promising review: "It was definitely worth the money because it's a classic shoe." —SMOOTH32

    Price: $64 (originally $80; available in sizes 5–11 and only on sale in this color)

    5. A cropped trefoil T-shirt you can already see yourself rocking day in and day out because look how cool it is?!

    Model wearing the cropped T-shirt

    Promising review: "OMG I love this top! I purchased the leggings to go with these and it looks so bomb!" —BOORN31

    Price: $28 (originally $35; available in sizes XS–XL)

    6. A pair of NMD R1 shoes, which I know you can't see in this photo because they're camouflage, but just take my word for it, they look dope!

    Shoes with camouflage design all over the shoe

    Promising review: "I love this shoe so much and I have quite a few pairs of them. I do go down a half a size cause they are cute a little big" —CARLIEB422

    Price: $91 (originally $130; available in men's and woman's sizes 5–15 and on sale in five other styles)

    7. A pair of Adidas slides that'll ~slide~ right into your everyday wear.

    Adidas slides resting on a gym bench

    Promising review: "Its a good pair of slides. The massage nubs on the sole feel really good on the feet"—JOLANDRI

    Price: $21+ (originally $30; available in men's and women's sizes 4–19 and also in navy)

    8. A faux leather waist pack so all your knickknacks can go for a little rid on your hip. How cute!

    black waist pack with thick strap buckle and silver Adidas logo in the front

    Promising review: "It is as described, fits great, it's adjustable, and looks super cool! It has a great amount of room inside each pocket to hold everything I need for both work and just going out for the day. I'll always have everything I need on me. I definitely recommend it!" —Curly

    Price: $23+ (originally $35; also available in light pink)

    9. A pair of classic Adidas tracksuit pants made out of recycled material so you can lounge around the house or walk around the block ~in style~.

    Cropped image of person wearing Adidas pants

    Promising review: "Comfortable, practical, good looking, well thought out design — example: deep, zippered pockets. So obviously helpful for people in motion." —MATTARCHY

    Price: $20+ (originally $40, available in sizes S–2XL and six colors)

    10. A soccer ball so you can enjoy the simplest of pleasures in life — kicking stuff.

    A red, white, and black soccer ball with the MLS and Adidas logo

    Promising review: "Was looking for a durable but inexpensive ball for my son. Durable because he uses a lot. Inexpensive because, well, he loses a lot. Did not want a glider so went with this on a sale at holidays. So far has held up great. Would buy again!" —Freddy

    Price: $24 (originally $40)

    11. A pair of Superstars with a metal toe cap to help you always put your best foot forward.

    Black shoes with a golden toe cap

    Promising review: "Beautiful, comfortable, and trendy are the qualities of these shoes thus far to me. Kudos to the design team!" —PANDORASHOPE

    Price: $88 (originally $110; available in women's sizes 5–11 and four colors)

    12. A tank top that'll satisfy all of your tank top needs. Just look at how good it is at being a tank top!

    Model wearing gray tank with Adidas logo large across the center chest

    Promising review: "I love the cut of this tank and the colors are great. I bought it in four colors!"—MISSYKEY8

    Price: $24 (originally $30; available in sizes XS–XL and on sale in three colors)

    13. A backless swimsuit with a mesh angled slit design in the front because it's getting hotter outside and you have access to a pool, lake, or some remote romantic riverbed. Congratulations btw!

    A person wearing the swimsuit

    Promising review: "Love this bathing suit! I love how it has a nice cut in the back that accentuates your body" —Lily

    Price: $28+ (originally $55; available in sizes 6B–14D and also in blue)

    14. A recycled cotton cropped hoodie for when you want the style of a sweatshirt but without all of the sweat part.

    Model wearing the black cropped hoodie

    Promising review: "This hoodie is the perfect crop length and the material is the softest ever. I like the extra long length on the sleeve cuff!"— LOZZA28789

    Price: $48+ (originally $60; available in sizes XS–XL and in three colors)

    15. A pair of Stan Smith shoes we what? STAN! Why? Because just look at them!

    Red sneakers the color of a bold red lipstick with matching red laces, and a pop of royal blue on the heal lip

    Promising review: "Love the quirky take that Adidas brings to their classic styles. Certainly gets comments from friends and workmates." —ANNEBABES

    Price: $64+ (originally $80; available in men's and women's sizes 5–15 and 31 colors)

    16. A track jacket to throw on over an outfit because sometimes you just want some pockets to put your hands in. Other times its actually chilly and you need it.


    Promising review: "Exactly what I wanted. I like the fit of the jacket, fits perfect. I’d buy another in a different color." —TRICEB

    Price: $38 (originally $50; available in sizes 2XS–XL and four colors)

    17. A pair of hot red training pants so your neighbors will see you coming from a mile away on your morning jog.

    Model wearing the red pants with three white stripes down the side of the pant leg

    Promising review: "Great pants. Comfortable and easy to wear. I use it for workouts and it feels great."—OBABO

    Price: $27+ (originally $45; available in sizes XS–2XL and five colors)

    18. A pair of colorful comfort slides to wear around your house or around your yard. Or, and hear me out here, you could do both!

    Bright cream orange adidas slides

    Promising review: "I thought these fit perfectly and are super comfortable. I went back and bought the other color."—DANIDAGIRL

    Price: $28 (originally $35; available in sizes 5–11 and also in black)

    19. A sports bra with thick back stripes to keep you locked in tight for any activity you have planned today.


    Promising review: "Fits well and give support while running and playing soccer!"—PITTSBURGHBARCA

    Price: $32+ (originally $40, available in sizes XS–XL and five colors)

    20. A pair of Dame 6 shoes in a banana yellow color that'll be really apeeling with any outfit.

    Bright highlighter yellow Adidas sneakers

    Promising review: "Very comfortable shoe. This is the fourth pair of Dame shoes I've bought. They've all been great!"—STEVEJ85713

    Price: $77+ (originally $110; available in men's and women's sizes 4–20 and 11 colors)

    21. A black steel water bottle so even your water looks athletic. Dang H2O, slow down.

    a black steel water bottle with the Adidas logo across the center in a lighter gray

    Promising review: "I love the size and style of this bottle. It keeps my water cold for long periods of time. If I put ice water in it before bed I will still have ice the next morning. The lid is VERY secure." —BMONEY09

    Price: $21+ (originally $30; also available in red)

    All of us on our way to Adidas' up-to-50%-off sale!


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