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21 Things Ambitious Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Too strong is just strong enough.

1. "You're doing a great job, you're just too abrasive."

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Tell that to Donald Trump and then we'll talk.

2. "Sometimes you're a bit too much."

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Maybe you're just way, way too little.

3. "Gosh, someone's bossy."

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Good job using your playground words. But we're adults now, and I'm a boss.

4. "Does your boyfriend ever feel threatened?"

He wouldn't be my boyfriend if he did.

5. "You can come across too strong."

Is strong supposed to be a bad thing?

6. "Men really aren't attracted to powerful women."

Quick! Somebody tell George Clooney!

7. "Men like to feel like men."

E! / Via

How wonderful. This concerns me how?

8. "You're always working. Maybe that's why you're single."

Island Def Jam

Or maybe I'm just waiting for someone who can keep up with me.

9. "But don't you want to have a family?"

You're right. Ambition and motherhood are just completely incompatible.

10. "How are you going to balance your work with raising a family?"

Why don't you ask my future partner?

11. "Wow, I would never leave my kids at daycare."

That's really awesome for you!

12. "You're so feisty."

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I am not a shih tzu.

13. "You should let your hair down."


This is me with my hair down. You should see me with it up.

14. "You know you can't 'have it all,' right?"

All I'm asking for is what I deserve.

15. "You really need to relax."

Marvel / Via

I appreciate your concern.

16. Every once in a while, this will come up:

Via Twitter: @mallelis


17. "You're such a workaholic!"

E! / Via

It wouldn't be the climb if I wasn't breaking a little sweat.

18. "Oh my god, have you read Lean In?"

E! / Via

Yes. Next.

19. "Why do you sound so angry?"

CBS / Via

How unfortunate for you that every woman who isn't a pushover sounds angry.

20. "Maybe men go further in life because they're naturally more confident."

Have you met me?

21. And when you finally make it big, you'll probably be asked: "OMG, what's your hair and makeup routine?"

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But tune out the noise and keep your chin up.

Fight hard for your dream.

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And remember that there are a lot of kick-ass women you can look up to.


Boss women, we salute you.

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