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    16 Flirty British Phrases That Just Sound Better

    So cheeky.

    1. Fancy

    Working Title Films / Via

    What it means: have a crush on

    Example: "I fancy that guy in the red trousers."

    2. Lush


    What it means: good-looking, attractive

    Example: "Excuse me for bothering you, but I think you're totally lush."

    3. Chat Up

    BBC / Via

    What it means: hit on

    Example: "Benedict was totally trying to chat you up last night."

    4. Snog

    Marvel / Via

    What it means: make out

    Example: "Prince Harry and I were snogging the other night when the electricity went out."

    5. Cheeky

    Rainforest Films / Via

    What it means: naughty or forward

    Example: "Idris was being so cheeky when he asked if I was single."

    6. Fit

    The CW

    What it means: super-hot

    Example: "Have you seen that smolder? Ed is beyond fit."

    7. Randy

    Regency Enterprises

    What it means: turned on

    Example: "James had me feeling a bit randy that evening."

    8. Baps

    Universal Studios / Via

    What it means: boobs

    Example: "Darling, you have such lovely baps."

    9. Tidy

    20th Century Fox / Via

    What it means: gorgeous, perfect

    Example: "Anyone who thinks Ewan isn't tidy can get out of my house."

    10. Starkers


    What it means: naked

    Example: "Dan just loves to walk around the house utterly starkers."

    11. Knickers

    What it means: panties

    Example: "You left your knickers at Cara's place."

    12. Peng

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    What it means: hot hot hot

    Example: "When Jude bites his lip, he's positively peng."

    13. Smashing

    EON Productions

    What it means: fantastic

    Example: "'You look absolutely smashing tonight,' Daniel said with a grin."

    14. Up for it

    Showtime / Via

    What it means: DTF

    Example: "Swipe right if you're up for it."

    15. Buff

    Overbrook Entertainment / Via

    What it means: sexy

    Example: "Tom Hardy is the definition of buff."

    16. Boff

    E4 / Via

    What it means: have sex

    Example: "I think Darcy's down to boff."

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