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    Chaotic Interventions, Addiction, And Exposing Friends — We Asked A Therapist How Realistic The Most Iconic Scenes In “Euphoria” Are

    "So, there’s no way for it to be truly accurate because, well, it’s a TV show."

    The latest season of Euphoria officially wrapped up last weekend, and if you watched along, you'd know that the show deals with some pretty important issues, like substance abuse and addiction.

    In case you need a short recap of what happened this season, Rue, played by Zendaya, begins to do drugs again in secret, despite telling everyone she is sober. Her drug use is eventually exposed, and we see the unravelling of her relationships with her family, friends, girlfriend, and Narcotics Anonymous sponsor.

    Rue watches the play in HBO's Euphoria.

    Since there has been some criticism and discussion of the show's depiction of addiction and teen drug use, we asked an expert to weigh in. Dr. Aimee Martinez, a licensed clinical psychologist who works with older teens and young adults, shared her thoughts below:

    Now that Season 2 has come to an end, do you think Euphoria portrayed addiction realistically? What part about it sticks out to you the most?

    Rue sits on her bed in HBO's Euphoria.

    Arguably one of the most shocking scenes from this season is when Rue exposes Cassie and Nate in front of everyone. ("How long have you been fucking Nate Jacobs?") What do you make of Rue's behavior in this scene?

    Rue sits back against a wall in HBO's Euphoria.

    Another scene that was shocking this season was when Rue had a huge fight with her sponsor, Ali. What do you think of this and the show's portrayal of Rue's experience with Narcotics Anonymous in general?

    Rue talks with her sponsor, Ali, in HBO's Euphoria.

    The season reaches a turning point when Jules finds out that Rue has been using drugs all along, and then tells Rue's mom. Rue is then confronted by her family about her problem. What are your thoughts on this scene?

    Rue talks to her mother in HBO's Euphoria.

    Shortly after the confrontation, Rue's mother tries to drive her to a rehabilitation center. Before she runs out of the car, she says, "Five percent. Those are my chances, 1 in 20," referring to the odds of staying sober. How true is this?

    Rue looks out of a car window in HBO's Euphoria.

    Later on, Rue's mother calls a rehabilitation center to try to get her daughter admitted. She says "If you don't admit her, she will die." How true do you think this is? Would admitting Rue be the only treatment option? If not, what are other treatment possibilities?

    Rue sits at the dinner table in HBO's Euphoria.

    As you know, this show is centered around high school students. How prevalent is drug use among this age demographic?

    Rue talks to Elliot in HBO's Euphoria.

    Are there any other scenes that stick out to you from this season that the show did well?

    The girls sit outside of a house in Lexi's play in HBO's Euphoria.

    To learn more about Dr. Martínez and her work, follow her on Instagram.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) and find more resources here.