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14 Extremely Perplexing Things Katy Perry Has Done Recently


1. When she hid her head in a bowl of fruit and terrified us all:

Whitney Museum / Via

2. When she twinned with Guy Fieri:

3. When she acted like this on Ellen:

4. When she posted this New York Times cover of her Met Gala look without acknowledging the literal man on fire above her:

5. When she may have had some interesting inspiration for that SNL look:

6. Or it could have been this plausible theory:

a demon has left miley cyrus and has entered katy perry: a conspiracy theory thread

7. When she danced during her performance with Migos:


8. When she got THE HAIRCUT:

This the hair cut you get when you about to use black culture for a come up

9. But then couldn't actually decide who inspired the haircut:

10. When she became a human salad:

11. When she held this gigantic eye:

12. When she just could not drop all the Taylor drama:

CBS / Via

13. When she asked the important questions:

Is the Internet real? Can we physically go there? 👁

14. And finally when she was literally cooked by the media. (Sorrrrryyyyyyyyy.)

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