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    18 Jokes About The "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" Movies That Are 100% Accurate

    We all remember where we were when Carlisle was beheaded...

    If you're like me, you rewatched The Twilight Saga in quarantine — perhaps more than once. Each movie is special and unique, but there's something about the Breaking Dawn films that really takes it to the next level for me, so here are some A+ jokes that made me LOL:


    IMAGINE THIS: It’s 2012. You’re about to walk in to see the last Twilight movie ever. You’re so excited. Then BAM Carlisle’s head is being held by Aro & you & the whole audience gasps. You die on the inside. Then turns out it was Alice’s vision. Life is now good & you can breathe


    Seth Clearwater at Bella and Edward's Wedding



    Edward and Bella: Having vampire sex in a field Me:


    The volturi showing up when Bella had that baby.


    I’m getting pregnant here you simply cannot change my mind who is gonna give me a baby in the breaking dawn honeymoon villa


    Someone said this was Renesmee escaping the Volturi with Jacob and now I can't stop thinking about it


    bella swan in breaking dawn when she was giving birth



    Husband and I have been rewatching Breaking Dawn and I can't stop wondering how come Jacob wasn't attracted to Edward in the way he was attracted to Bella if it was all about the pull to Renesmee all along?


    the cullens on their way to fight the volturi


    the entire theater when carlisle cullen got beheaded


    jobs applications be like “submit your resume” how’s that creepy baby from twilight gonna help me get this job


    me in the woods after watching twilight breaking dawn


    thinking about the cgi they did for baby renesmee cullen


    11 year old me watching carlisle get beheaded in breaking dawn part two knowing it wasnt in the book


    ya’ll remember watching breaking dawn when they chopped carlisle’s head right off with no warning. that’s was the root of my trust issues


    "you changed" bro life has not been the same since that final battle in breaking dawn part 2 happened

    In conclusion:

    I Cried At The End Of Breaking Dawn Pt 2

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