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    Posted on Apr 24, 2017

    There's A New Sequel To "Big Fat Liar" And I'm Furious

    Nobody even gets dyed blue.

    I was minding my own damn business and scrolling through Instagram, when a sponsored post came up suggesting I check out THIS:


    Ex-fucking-cuse me????

    FOX / Via

    At first, I started looking around for Ashton. Was I being PUNK'D?


    After I searched the World Wide Web a bit, it confirmed my worst nightmare: Bigger Fatter Liar is a real movie and it's on Netflix right now.


    I guess it's supposed to be a "sequel" to 2002's Big Fat Liar:


    But you know what it doesn't have? It doesn't have Frankie "Malcolm In The Middle" Muniz.

    Universal / Via

    Amanda Bynes? Nope, she's not in it!

    Universal / Via

    Neither is this beautiful furry cardigan or these literal rose-colored glasses...

    Universal / Via

    And *SHOCKER* this old-fashioned messaging device is MIA.

    Paul Giamatti? More like Paul Gia-NOT-i!

    In fact, nobody in this alleged sequel even gets dyed blue AT ALL. So, this prime joke from the original trailer? GONE.

    (Instead, this guy is turned into...a mime? Like, whaaaaa? He's not even blue!)


    And if you were expecting to see a young Taran Killam, you're in for even more disappointment since he's grown now and has a family with Robin Scherbatsky.

    Worst of all, I've seen zero evidence that this liar is even bigger OR fatter in any way and that, my friends, is the biggest lie of all.


    Muniz OUT.

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