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    Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    The "Riverdale" Adults Are Way Hotter On The Show Than In The Comics

    The glow up is real.

    The high school sophomores (lolol it's totally believable) on Riverdale are the focus of the show, but it's time to show some love to the super-hot adults who birthed, taught, and waited on them.


    Fred Andrews (Played by Luke Perry)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Dylan Mc-nayyyy

    TV Show: Dylan Mc-haaaaaaaaaaai

    Mary Andrews (Played by Molly Ringwald)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Bridge club

    TV Show: Breakfast club

    Alice Cooper (Played by Mädchen Amick)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Minivan

    TV Show: Many fans

    Hal Cooper (Played by Lochlyn Munro)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Totally regular looking dad dude.

    TV Show: Okay same, TBH.

    Hermione Lodge (Played by Marisol Nichols)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: High Strung

    TV Show: Hot Mom

    Hiram Lodge (Spoiler...ish)

    Archie Comics/Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Comics: Dad

    TV Show: Daddy

    (Note: Hiram Lodge was just cast and will appear on Season 2 of Riverdale.)

    Geraldine Grundy (Played by Sarah Habel)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Teaching and then sleeping

    TV Show: Teaching and then sleeping...with her students.

    There's actually a nice nod to the original Geraldine Grundy on the show, so this one makes sense...


    Pop Tate (Played by Alvin Sanders)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Is that Archie's dad with more hair?

    TV Show: Not here for your mystery-solving shit.

    Mr. Waldo Weatherbee (Played by Peter James Bryant)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Bespectacled and mad.

    TV Show: Bespectacled and confused.

    Coach Clayton (Played by Colin Lawrence)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: You can coach me any time...

    TV Show: Same.

    Smithers (Played by Tom McBeath)

    Archie Comics/CW

    Comics: Why the fuck do you have a butler?

    TV Show: The new Dorota?

    And here's a nice photo of Skeet Ulrich as Jughead's dad for good measure because there aren't any good ones from the comics.



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