Twitter Reacts To Julia Roberts’ People "Most Beautiful" Cover

The pretty woman strikes again.

People magazine just revealed the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2017, and *drumroll please* it’s 49-year-old Julia Roberts.

1. Now, this isn’t Julia’s first rodeo. She’s actually been on the cover of People’s World’s Most Beautiful issue five times (a record!) — her first was back in 1991 when she was only 23.

PEOPLE Magazine

2. Twitter has a lot of thoughts on the matter. Some people are a tad confused about the whole thing and feel like Julia hasn’t exactly been *relevant* recently.

When was the last time Julia Roberts was in... anything, be honest

— Naveen Kumar (@Mr_NaveenKumar)

Julia Roberts most beautiful woman in the world says @people ???? Okay, but she didn't win the popular vote

— ✨Cato✨ (@AshCato)

Did I wake up in 1997? #JuliaRoberts

— Otto Korrekt (@OttoKorrekt1)

8. Others are pointing out that while Julia is lovely and all, they’d like to see more diversity on the cover.

People Magazine: "Julia Roberts is 2017's worlds most beautiful woman" Me:

— Tundé Lahren (@ThatsSoTunde)

Black Twitter meeting up to figure out how "Julia Roberts" was voted most beautiful woman:

— TakeNaps StayWoke (@michboogie)

I LOVE Julia Roberts,BUT how about Janelle Monae,Lupita Nyong'o,Eva Mendes,Priyanka Chopra,and MANY other WOC @people? #MostBeautifulWoman

— Jackie (@LiberalMmama)

12. In fact, lots of people are offering up their own suggestions…

Julia Roberts is the worlds most beautiful woman? When tf did Beyoncé die?

— konfuzed (@youshookh0e)

Not to take anything away from Julia Roberts, but um...have you met the gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o? #MostBeautiful

— Betsy Aldredge (@BetsyAldredge)

Nope, must be April Fools' day joke....cuz this woman is way more prettier than.... "Julia Roberts"

— SantanaNyla-aka-Dawn (@dawnparagracias)

#JuliaRoberts voted worlds most beautiful woman but it's funny cause you guys spelled @GalGadot wrong 😂

— Leonardo Lopez (@Leonardood_115)

People Magazine may have picked Julia Roberts as the most beautiful woman but I'm picking Betty White once again. She's like a fine wine...

— Scott Rüegg (@scottruegg)

18. But some are just in awe of Julia’s stunning good looks and apparent inability to age…

#JuliaRoberts ??? Worlds most beautiful woman? Of 2017??? Whatever filter she's using, I need that

— Akash Asghar (@RJAkash89)

I can't be mad at People declaring Julia Roberts the most beautiful woman. She's not a classic beauty so it means there's hope for all of us

— Take That For Data™ (@AfricanPrincess)

When I think of Julia Roberts, I immediately think of her huge loud laugh and her big smile. That will always be beautiful to me.

— LaurenNY-7🔸🔹🐾 (@AaliyahNevaeh7)

Julia Roberts was 23 in Pretty Woman. I'm almost 23. This is mind blowing.

— jess (@jessposkus)

Haters gon hate. Julia Roberts is still fine.

— denise (@DaKnees14)

When Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts are in their 90's are they still going to be People's Most Beautiful People? Probly.

— Ryan (@ryanztweetz)

25. And others think everyone just needs to calm TF down.

People are literally getting mad over #JuliaRoberts and amagazine cover lol. I think she's great but her trending is #FirstWorldProblems

— Antwon Jackson (@RealAntwon)

Julia Roberts is beautiful, Lupita is beautiful. Angelina, beyonce and you are beautiful, everyone is beautiful. Stop arguing about beauty.

— ㅤLourdes (@LourdesLL__)

27. Bottom line? Love it or hate it, don’t be a dick about it.

if u think julia roberts is the most beautiful woman, good for you. if u disagree w that, also, good for u. just dont be a douche bout it

— marlen m (@mantzzz)
  1. What are your thoughts on Julia's "Most Beautiful" cover?
    1. Via People Magazine
      She’s a pretty woman and she deserves it!
    2. Via People Magazine
      She’s fine, but I would like to see some more diversity…
    1. Via People Magazine
      I am not a fan of hers AT ALL!
    2. Via People Magazine
      Why is “Most Beautiful” still a THING anyway???

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