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Twitter Reacts To Julia Roberts' People "Most Beautiful" Cover

The pretty woman strikes again.

People magazine just revealed the World's Most Beautiful Woman for 2017, and *drumroll please* it's 49-year-old Julia Roberts.

Now, this isn't Julia's first rodeo. She's actually been on the cover of People's World's Most Beautiful issue five times (a record!) — her first was back in 1991 when she was only 23.

Twitter has a lot of thoughts on the matter. Some people are a tad confused about the whole thing and feel like Julia hasn't exactly been *relevant* recently.

People Magazine: "Julia Roberts is the most beautiful woman in the world" Me:

Don't get me wrong she's beautiful that being Julia Roberts but it's 2017 who's next Martha Washington

When was the last time Julia Roberts was in... anything, be honest

Julia Roberts most beautiful woman in the world says @people ???? Okay, but she didn't win the popular vote

Others are pointing out that while Julia is lovely and all, they'd like to see more diversity on the cover.

People Magazine: "Julia Roberts is 2017's worlds most beautiful woman" Me:

Black Twitter meeting up to figure out how "Julia Roberts" was voted most beautiful woman:

I LOVE Julia Roberts,BUT how about Janelle Monae,Lupita Nyong'o,Eva Mendes,Priyanka Chopra,and MANY other WOC @people? #MostBeautifulWoman

In fact, lots of people are offering up their own suggestions...

Julia Roberts is the worlds most beautiful woman? When tf did Beyoncé die?

Not to take anything away from Julia Roberts, but um...have you met the gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o? #MostBeautiful

Nope, must be April Fools' day joke....cuz this woman is way more prettier than.... "Julia Roberts"

#JuliaRoberts voted worlds most beautiful woman but it's funny cause you guys spelled @GalGadot wrong 😂

People Magazine may have picked Julia Roberts as the most beautiful woman but I'm picking Betty White once again. She's like a fine wine...

But some are just in awe of Julia's stunning good looks and apparent inability to age...

#JuliaRoberts ??? Worlds most beautiful woman? Of 2017??? Whatever filter she's using, I need that

I can't be mad at People declaring Julia Roberts the most beautiful woman. She's not a classic beauty so it means there's hope for all of us

When I think of Julia Roberts, I immediately think of her huge loud laugh and her big smile. That will always be beautiful to me.

Julia Roberts was 23 in Pretty Woman. I'm almost 23. This is mind blowing.

Haters gon hate. Julia Roberts is still fine.

When Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts are in their 90's are they still going to be People's Most Beautiful People? Probly.

And others think everyone just needs to calm TF down.

People are literally getting mad over #JuliaRoberts and amagazine cover lol. I think she's great but her trending is #FirstWorldProblems

Julia Roberts is beautiful, Lupita is beautiful. Angelina, beyonce and you are beautiful, everyone is beautiful. Stop arguing about beauty.

Bottom line? Love it or hate it, don't be a dick about it.

if u think julia roberts is the most beautiful woman, good for you. if u disagree w that, also, good for u. just dont be a douche bout it