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    Paul McCartney And Taylor Swift Talked About What Celebs Are Like At Parties, And It's Delightful

    "She's bossing me around." —Literally Paul McCartney about Reese Witherspoon

    So, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney interviewed each other for Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians issue, and while this sounds like a particularly fun fever dream, it is 100% a real thing that happened.

    There are so many great soundbites in the interview — everything from talking about making music in quarantine, to Taylor's pseudonym Nils Sjöberg, to Paul reminiscing about the Beatles, to the fact that if 2020 weren't so very 2020, the two of them would have performed together this year.

    But one of my favorite parts was right at the beginning, when Taylor and Paul were reminiscing about a party with such extreme FAMOUS PERSON ENERGY, and it completely delighted me.

    They set the scene of the party, and Taylor recalls she was performing "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters in front of freaking Dave Grohl, as one does: "I was playing it on piano, and he didn’t recognize it until about halfway through."

    Dave Grohl singing with the caption, "I was playing it on piano, and he didn't recognize it until about halfway through"

    Of course, Paul McCartney was the life of the party, but with a little bit of help and encouragement: "Reese Witherspoon was like, 'Are you going to sing?' I said 'Oh, I don’t know.' She said, 'You’ve got to, yeah!' She’s bossing me around. So I said, 'Whoa.'"

    Reese Witherspoon with the caption she's bossing me around

    And Taylor was like, "I love that person, because the party does not turn musical without that person."

    This is incredible!! Congratulations @taylorswift13 👏🏼✨

    I too love that person, Reese Witherspoon.

    At this point, I was like, okay who else was there? What was this party? I want to know absolutely everything!

    Paul did not disappoint me! "I seem to remember Woody Harrelson got on the piano, and he starts playing 'Let It Be,' and I’m thinking, 'I can do that better.' So I said, 'Come on, move over, Woody.' So we’re both playing it. It was really nice."

    Woody Harrelson with the caption "Come on, move over, Woody"

    And then, it's not clear if this was at the same party or just in general, but Paul couldn't help but shoutout how much Dan Aykroyd brings to the table: "I love people like Dan Aykroyd, who’s just full of energy and he loves his music so much, but he’s not necessarily a musician, but he just wanders around the room, just saying, 'You got to get up, got to get up, do some stuff.'"

    And, well, anyway, I guess that's what it's like to be extremely famous and go to a party!

    Miley Cyrus with a smile and her arm raised as she stands near Taylor Swift, Tiny, T.I., Paul McCartney, and Samuel L Jackson at an event

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