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Now Lili Reinhart's Taking Photos Of Cole Sprouse And I Can't Handle It

Why are they always frolicking in fields?!

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Whenever they're not filming Riverdale, it seems like Cole Sprouse is taking gorgeous photos of Lili Reinhart posing in abandoned homes or just chilling in caf├ęs. Like this...

Instagram: @lilireinhart

Well, now Lili's stepping behind the camera and just shared this shot of her costar, with the caption "Boy in field." Which is true. He IS a boy in a field. A+ caption.

Instagram: @lilireinhart

The thing is, he is ALWAYS a boy in a field. This is the last time she posted a photo of him:

Instagram: @lilireinhart

Apparently they just really, really, really like frolicking in fields and taking photos. NEVER STOP FROLICKING, YOU TWO.

Instagram: @colesprouse

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