The "Never Have I Ever" Cast Took A Costar Test, And They're Truly The Best Onscreen Love Triangle Ever

    Never have I ever...loved a cast so much!

    Never Have I Ever is about a lot of things — strong female friendships, family trauma, and Devi making...questionable decisions. But, of course, there's also an EPIC love triangle at the center of everything: Devi, Ben, and Paxton.

    Devi and Paxton smiling at each other; Ben and Devi sitting next to each other

    To celebrate the release of Season 3, we had the iconic trio of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Jaren Lewison, and Darren Barnet sit down and take a costar quiz to prove how well they know each other.

    the cast smiling

    From their common obsession with Mindy Kaling's first major project,The Office (okay, Maitreyi might be the most obsessed)...

    the three actors looking at each other with the words, "Unanimously, 'The Office'" the hilarious movie quote/accent Maitreyi always hears the guys using on set, it's clear these three are super close.

    Darren and Jaren saying, "Fuhgeddaboudit"

    Like, "letting them know they have an eyelash on their face and taking it off" kinda close.

    Darren says make a wish to Maitreyi while pulling an eyelash from her face

    Seriously, they even ended things with a group hug! I simply have no words! Overall, they definitely aced this exam. Honestly, Devi and Ben would be proud.

    Maitreyi asking, "Are we doing a hug?"

    Watch the full video below:

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    And be sure to check out Never Have I Ever Season 3, streaming on Netflix now!