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    15 Pics Of The "Little Women" Cast On Set That Are Period And Modern At The Same Time

    Because Wendy's fries are very 1800s.

    1. This shot of the March sisters snuggling on a couch:

    2. This now-iconic shot of Timmy, Greta, Florence, and Meryl snacking on some Wendy's fries in costume:

    3. These funny faces — made funnier because they're in costume — from Florence Pugh aka Amy and Dash Barber (who plays Fred Vaughn)…

    4. …and another version, because I just can't get enough:

    5. This quick (and apparently very cold) lunch break during Meg's wedding:

    6. This deep-in-thought pic of our Jo, the one and only Saoirse Ronan, with Greta Gerwig:

    7. This pic of Emma Watson aka Meg, who revealed her secret to staying warm on the super-cold set — heat pads in her hands:

    8. This black-and-white shot of a "sister stroll" as Emma calls it:

    9. This first-ever look we got of the Pickwick Club:

    10. This very cute shot of Timothée and Emma:

    11. This beachy pic of Dash, Saoirse and Eliza:

    12. This wedded bliss:

    13. This shot of Louis Garrel (aka Professor Bhaer) with James and a very 1800s-style smart phone:

    14. This handsome shot of Louis and Timothée:

    15. And this bonus shot of Laura Dern and Saoirse doing press at Louisa May Alcott's house that I had to include because it was too darn precious: