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    Jennifer Aniston Just Joined Instagram And Shared A Reunion Pic Of The Whole "Friends" Cast

    "And now we're Instagram FRIENDS too."

    Earlier this year, Courteney Cox joined Instagram and has been periodically gifting us with amazing Friends nostalgia:

    In fact, Courteney, Lisa Kudrow, and Jennifer Aniston are seemingly always hanging out and taking cute selfies together…

    …but like true ~friends~, Lisa and Courteney have been trying to convince Jennifer to get an Instagram to join the party:

    And it finally worked! Jennifer just joined Instagram, and her first post is instantly iconic — it's the full Friends cast reunion selfie we've all been waiting for!

    That's right! Photographic evidence of the Friends cast hangout Jennifer teased just last week.

    Welcome to Instagram, Jennifer! What a way to make your debut. More of this, please.