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    Harry Styles Defending His Fans To A Reporter Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

    Nobody loves their fans like Harry loves his fans.

    So you know how Harry Styles is a generally perfect and lovely human who has nothing but wonderful things to say about his fans?

    Well, when he hit the NYC premiere of Dunkirk, naturally a ton of fans showed up to catch a glimpse of their idol in person.

    One reporter asked Harry if his fans follow him, "absolutely everywhere?" and Harry was pretty much like, "Fuck yeah they do!"

    Harry shut down this lady who tried to say the fans were crazy at the Dunkirk premiere and then almost fell as he w…

    Reporter: "Harry, do they follow you absolutely everywhere?"

    Harry: "Who are we talking about?"

    Reporter: "Your fans..."

    Harry: "Oh, they're the best people in the world."

    Excuse me while a melt into a huge pile on the floor because, wow, this guy is just the goddamn best.

    GIF • Harry talking about his fans at the #Dunkirk premiere in New York.

    And since Harry is an A+ person, he continued to answer questions as he was literally being dragged inside.

    Now, please enjoy one more photo of Harry for good measure. Goodbye!