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    We Need To Talk About Ryan Gosling's Collar In The "Blade Runner" Poster

    Why the long neck?!

    This is Ryan Gosling's face:

    Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP / Getty Images

    Yes, yes, it's very attractive and you probably want to make out with it. Which is why something *troubling* has happened on the new poster for Blade Runner 2049.

    Warner Brothers Pictures

    Ryan's face is almost entirely obstructed by a giant collar:

    Warner Brothers Pictures

    Srsly, can you even see Ryan's face at all????

    Warner Brother Pictures / Via Twitter: @Trevans850

    Helloooooo, Ryan Gosling! You in there????

    Warner Brother Pictures / Via Twitter: @darth


    Warner Brothers Pictures / Via Twitter: @darth

    Who leaked this behind-the-scenes photo of you?

    iStock / Getty Images

    Is this your female co-star? Is she the Blade Runnerette?

    iStock / Getty Images

    TBH, I have no idea what a blade runner is.

    Are you secretly in love with Keira Knightly at Christmastime but you can't tell her?

    Universal Pictures

    Are you in the midst of fraternity recruitment?

    Panic_attack / Getty Images

    Are you Neo from The Matrix?

    Warner Brother Pictures

    Are you feeling like Pocahontas?

    Warner Brother Pictures

    Are you a famous book?

    Warner Brother Pictures

    Are you in a Gwen Stefani music video??

    Warner Brother Pictures

    Wait, wait, are you a classic Counting Crows song???

    Warner Brothers Pictures

    Jokes aside, Ryan Gosling with only 3/4 of a face is still hotter than most people with a full face.

    Warner Brothers Pictures

    THE END.

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