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23 Celeb Golden Globes Instagrams You Might Have Missed

"Gaga alert!"

1. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were the ultimate power couple:

2. Kristen shared her pre-show diet...

3. ...while Dax even showered for the big night:

4. Timothée Chalamet posed with his mom:

5. Jameela Jamil had a great laugh over the fact that E! News identified her as her The Good Place character's SISTER, Kamilah Al-Jamil:

6. Sterling K. Brown shared a sweet pic with his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe:

7. Julianne Moore shared her accessories:

8. Octavia Spencer confirmed that the Golden Globes is the party of the year:

9. Jessica Chastain had a very special helper choose her ring for her:

10. Lena Waithe shared a cute selfie with her fiancée Alana Mayo:

11. Allison Janney showed off her look:

12. Amber Heard showed off her bling...

13. ...and so did Halle Berry:

14. Thandie Newton shared a cute car selfie with her husband, Ol Parker:

15. Candice Bergen spotted Lady Gaga:

16. Edgar Ramirez and Ricky Martin were excited for the big show:

17. Melissa McCarthy shared some behind-the-scenes pics of her getting ready process:

18. Rachel Brosnahan showed off her squad:

19. Lili Reinhart rode InStyle's elevator...

20. ...and so did Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend, Wells Adams:

21. Charlize Theron snacked on Connie Britton's caviar and showed off her shoes:

22. Felicity Huffman revealed just how sparkly her dress was:

23. And Kaley Cuoco shared a LITERAL behind-the-scenes pic with her husband, Karl Cook:

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