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23 Times Emma Watson Was Relatable AF

Dare you to find someone who doesn't love her...

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1. When she confused Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel and DIED INSIDE.

2. When she perfectly understood that the dating struggle is REAL.

3. When she revealed she was low-key the biggest Beauty and the Beast fan growing up.

4. And that she understands the best perk of being Belle.

Complex Magazine / Via

5. But OMG nothing tops when she high-fived this mini version of Belle.

Disney UK / Via

6. When she did this goofy little dance:

7. When she wore this...

George De Sota / Getty Images

8. And this...

Scott Gries / Getty Images

9. And this...

Mj Kim / Getty Images


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

11. And when she fulfilled a childhood dream and chilled with Spongebob.

Ben Stansall / Getty Images

12. When she seriously wasn't in the fucking mood.

Steve Finn / Getty Images

13. When she had a crush on Draco Malfoy, like all of us.

The Jonathan Ross Show / Via

14. When she had to explain SARCASM.

Warner Brothers / Via

15. When she appreciated her dad in the sweetest way possible.

Time Magazine / Via

16. When she fully fell in love with these kittens:


17. When she went to the Women's March in D.C. and NEEDED to take a photo of this child's sign:

Emma Watson / Via Twitter

18. And when she perfectly defended herself against haters AND explained feminism in one sentence.

19. When she wiped a pen mark off of a reporter's chin.

20. When she reunited with an old friend and had a *moment*:


21. When she literally could not contain her laughter:

22. Like, ever...

Warner Brothers / Via

23. Never stop laughing, Emma!

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

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