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Cole Sprouse Just Threw Some Shade At The Official "Riverdale" Poster


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So, the official Twitter account for Riverdale just tweeted out a new poster for Season 2:

Keep your friends close. Your enemies closer. #Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 11 at 8/7c only on The CW.

Not that I'm counting but that's exactly seven weeks from today, OMFG!!!

People were dyin' over Cole's brutal honesty about his own show's poster:

@colesprouse @CW_Riverdale @CamilaMendes @iamamurray @madelainepetsch @CaseyCott @lilireinhart Cole's facial expres…

@colesprouse @CW_Riverdale @CamilaMendes @iamamurray @madelainepetsch @CaseyCott @lilireinhart that person got burnt like Thornhill


@colesprouse @CW_Riverdale @CamilaMendes @iamamurray @madelainepetsch @CaseyCott @lilireinhart Shade

@colesprouse @CW_Riverdale @CamilaMendes @iamamurray @madelainepetsch @CaseyCott @lilireinhart