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    18 Celebs Who Were "Jeopardy!" Clues And Had Great Reactions

    "I'll take the entire Dwayne Johnson category for the MF'n win, Alex."

    1. Mindy Kaling

    I’ve been told I was a clue on @jeopardy tonight and I just feel #blessed that I could be apart of this #JeopardyJames era.

    2. Stephen Colbert

    I was a clue on @Jeopardy tonight! “What is the greatest honor of my television career?”

    3. Billy Eichner

    Oh My God I was a clue on JEOPARDY today!!! WHAT IS... AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!! I'm freaking out!!!

    4. Megan Mullally

    real clue from yesterday. @Jeopardy is getting dank @Nick_Offerman

    5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    6. Regina King

    I was a clue on @Jeopardy today! Im just too tickled about this. 🤗🤗🤗 And Yeeeesss!!! @RebeccaMcNitt from Ann Arbor Michigan! You go girl! Quick on the button with the answer.

    7. RuPaul

    LOVED that #DragRace was a clue @Jeopardy tonight!

    8. Lea DeLaria

    9. Rachel Bloom

    I’m the answer to a clue on tonight’s @Jeopardy! If no one gets it right it means the contestants hate women and that is the only conclusion to draw.

    10. Charisma Carpenter

    Um, kinda thrilled about this one!!! 😝 I'm going to be a clue on @Jeopardy on OCT 5TH ! Tune in to watch! My parents are gonna LOVE this.

    11. Patton Oswalt

    I was just told I'm a clue on this Monday's @Jeopardy! Wow! I assume the category is "Udo Doppleschneiders"

    12. Jessica Simpson

    13. Jennifer Coolidge

    I'm told I'm a @Jeopardy clue tonight, but what's the question? I hope its not: This actress is least likely to be invited to be on Jeopardy

    14. Cheryl Burke

    Life made! I used to watch @Jeopardy all the time growing up and have always said I’d be happy if two things happened: 1) I was a clue on Jeopardy or 2) I was a contestant on @WheelofFortune. I’m officially halfway there! Did you catch today’s episode?!

    15. Rob Lowe

    Jeopardy clue!! “@svsteinfeld: @RobLowe Alex didn't say 'literally' right. It was lit-ral-ly heartbreaking. ”

    16. Wil Wheaton

    OMG this is better than being in the crossword.RT @JMacster12: @wilw you did it! Jeopardy stardom and the $2000 clue

    17. DNCE


    18. And Tom Hanks

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