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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "I'm calling my next album ADELE."

    Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed

    1. Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights fact-checked this FNL "quote" from The Good Place:

    2. Kylie Jenner confirmed her breakup with Travis Scott:

    Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi ‼️ our friendship and our daughter is priority

    3. Keke Palmer had a good laugh at a new take on her "sorry to this man" meme:


    4. Maya Rudolph sent her first tweet of the year in response to Kamala Harris, who tweeted about Maya's impression of her on Saturday Night Live:


    5. Jerry Seinfeld revealed what it would take for a Seinfeld reboot to happen:

    Deeply contemplating “Seinfeld” re-boot if I can lock up @Pete_Alonso20 for next episode of “The Boyfriend”.

    6. Robert and Bindi Irwin shared a touching sibling exchange:

    Can’t wait to walk you down the aisle ❤️

    7. Lady Gaga had an interesting name idea for her next album:

    I’m calling my next album ADELE.

    8. Hilary Duff needed some recommendations…

    9. …and so did Yara Shahidi:

    14 hr flight. Any song or podcast recommendations?

    10. Bette Midler celebrated Hocus Pocus season:

    11. Barack and Michelle Obama celebrated their 27th year of marriage:

    Like the Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. Thanks, babe, for 27 amazing years!

    12. Charlie Puth enjoyed this video about his songwriting process:

    I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    13. Ariel Winter celebrated her guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU with a punny hashtag:


    14. Lin-Manuel Miranda rebranded for Halloween:

    15. And Maisie Williams shared this pic of her foot faux pas on RuPaul's Drag Race:

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