18 "Cheer" Tweets From Celebs That Are Honestly Extremely Accurate

    "Jerry for president."


    🚨Spoilers ahead for Netflix's Cheer! 🚨

    2. Reese Witherspoon got hooked…

    Watched so much #CheerNetflix last night I’m hooked. ❤️ https://t.co/g1sHZKAK2c

    3. …and then she cried big baby tears:

    At the end of #Cheer, when La’Darius’s brother started crying , and Morgan’s grandparents figured out how to stream the competition and Lexi nailed her tumbling pass , and Jerry nailed all his stunts, I cried big baby tears. 😢Great show @netflix ! 💯⭐️

    4. Chrissy Teigen finished the show in a day…

    I just finished it in a day and have begun my instagram stalking of the athletes. as the cheer kids say, I went full out https://t.co/PaP8e80ErF

    5. …and then tweeted Coach Monica about making mat:

    6. Honestly, their whole interaction was phenomenal:

    @monicaaldama ok I just can’t fly, tumble, cheer or dance but whatever else I’m great!!

    7. Gabrielle Union, queen of starring in cheerleading movies, was obsessed:

    Bring It On. But I'm biased 🤷🏾‍♀️ Also "But I'm A Cheerleader" was everything. And #Cheer on Netflix is my latest cheerleading obsession https://t.co/A28cEDKfBO

    8. Colton Haynes could FINALLY get some sleep:

    Lexi is officially back at Navarro...I can get some sleep now. Gnight #Cheer family

    9. Madeline Brewer dream-cast herself as Sherbs:

    Has anyone else dream cast all of #Cheer with actors? I’ve cast myself as Sherbs

    10. Tyler Oakley needed some political guidance from Jerry…

    okay but who is jerry from the navarro cheer team endorsing for the democratic primaries?? i feel like i trust his judgment

    11. …while Sam Heughan went one step further:

    12. Seriously, Sam is ~obsessed~ with the whole show:

    Obsessed. I never knew I wanted to be in a cheerleading team until now. But has to be #navarrocheer #cheer

    13. J.J. Watt and Kealia Ohai got ~invested~:

    Kealia: I’ve heard people say CHEER on Netflix is really good, we should watch it. Me: I guess we can give it a shot. Me 2 episodes in: JERRY HARRIS IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF NAVARRO COLLEGE CHEERLEADING. IF HE DOESN’T MAKE THE MAT, I WILL RIOT.

    14. Anna Camp was too stressed to watch Daytona and needed a spoiler alert:

    Please give me a spoiler alert on #CHEER on @Netflix and tell me no one gets hurt in Daytona CAUSE I CANT TAKE IT IM STRESSED AND TERRIFIED SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!

    15. Iggy Azalea cried:

    I watched every episode of Netflix “Cheer” last night and cried when they won the competition 🥴

    16. Becca Tilley (of Bachelor Nation fame) totally fangirled:

    I know there’s a lot going on with brad and Jen.... but just wanted you all to know that Monica from Cheer follows me on Instagram and that feels really important because I love her.

    17. Antoni Porowski NEEDED to talk about the ending…

    ok so how long does Cheer @netflix need to be out where it’s appropriate to talk about how it ended?!

    18. …but Brie Larson gave him a stern warning:

    @antoni @netflix Don’t you dare say a word I’m not finished yet!!!!

    19. And finally, Beanie Feldstein tapped into why we're all so obsessed with the Navarro team:

    The reason we all love “Cheer” on Netflix is because it is unscripted “Friday Night Lights”!!!!! It is filling the clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose shaped hole in my heart!!!!!!