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    Ariana Grande Fangirling Over Jennifer Coolidge Is The Purest Thing I've Seen All Week


    You know Ariana Grande — she's a famous celebrity impersonator who moonlights as a singer sometimes, I think.

    Well, she appeared on The Tonight Show earlier this week and, once again, delivered a perfect celeb impersonation.

    This time, Ariana's subject was iconic actress and comedian Jennifer Coolidge — aka Paulette from Legally Blonde.

    Ariana recited one of Paulette's famous quotes from Legally Blonde 2, and it was so spot-on that Jennifer had to share it on Instagram. Watch it, it's SO GOOD:

    I truly died.

    Anyway, Ariana completely and utterly lost her shit when she saw that Queen Jennifer Coolidge saw the clip. First she did a DOUBLE Instagram comment and said "no" a bunch of times:

    And THEN, because she felt like she hadn't emphasized her excitement enough, Ariana posted a screengrab on her story and for some reason said "nooooooooooo" again, which I don't get but that's probably because I'm old.

    And THEN, she shared a pic of Jennifer in A Cinderella Story and said "mooOoOoOoOoooooD," which I first read as "nooooooo" again because it seemed like that was the pattern!

    The point is, I just thought this was really cool and relatable because one of my very favorite things is when celebrities who have — quite literally — *millions of fans* completely lose their shit over other famous people who don't even has as many millions of fans as they do.

    THE END. Stay humble!