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    23 Things That Teen TV Dramas Get 100% Wrong About High School

    How do they always meet up for breakfast BEFORE school?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the things about teen TV dramas that are annoying, inaccurate, or just happen over and over again. Here are some of the most ridiculously spot-on answers about high school students on television:


    1. They throw massive parties all the time:


    "I’ve noticed that some teen is always throwing a huge party that the entire school shows up to, and that's completely unrealistic. Where I went to school this was unheard of, someone might have thrown a party on special occasions, but never as big and crazy as the ones on TV."


    "People not having any other friends outside of their group of the five main characters, yet they can still throw ragers with, like, 100 people they’ve never talked to."


    2. They date everyone in their friend groups:


    "All the inter-friend-group dating! One guy dates all the women in their friend group, and vice versa, and people barely seem to mind that their best friend is dating their ex that they had a very recent intense history with! For example, Veronica dating Archie on Riverdale or every love story ever on Gossip Girl."


    3. They don't have pimples...or, like, any other imperfections:


    "How everyone is so polished — not only do they have zero pimples, but all the guys have perfect abs and all the girls have slim figures."


    "The lack of acne. Like no, 90% of kids get pimples, boo. It still low-key bugs me that there was hardly any positive representation of a high school student with bad skin or birth marks or anything else less than perfect."


    4. They always have so much time to just hang out between classes:


    "In high school, we got a good few minutes to get to class. TV shows make it seem like everyone has time to just frolic, make out and fight before the next hour."


    "When they have all this time in between class during school to talk and hang out...I had 4 minutes in between each class and usually had to sprint just to make it in time."


    "The unrealistic amount of free time TV high schoolers have to roam around campus. When are they ever in class?"


    5. They have plenty of time to do things before school even starts:


    "How about how there’s always plenty of time to meet up with friends, get a relaxing breakfast, and pop into a few shops all before school starts?!"


    "Everyone always meeting up before school. When I was in high school I could barely get out of bed, shower and make it to school on time. These kids are going out to breakfast, solving crimes, finding their biological parents... all before 8 a.m.!"


    "Apparently all these characters have time to meet up and do stuff BEFORE school? I’m sorry, no one is that awake at 7:30 a.m."


    6. They never do their homework:


    "Firstly, the teens never seem to study. They are all either awesome in sports and don’t need to study to get into a good college or they just don’t care. Also, the teens are always out there doing things that's not their business, like Riverdale."


    7. They're always dissecting frogs in science class:


    "The characters who actually take classes are always in science using a bunsen burner, mixing explosive chemicals, or doing a frog dissection. All of those things happen maybe once or twice in high school science, and no one has derisive conversations while doing them."


    8. They dress like every day is a fashion show:


    "Why do TV teens dress like every day is a fashion show? Who in their right mind wears like 5-inch heels to high school? Sure, there are people who are all about *fashun,* but I'd say a majority of people just wear like basic t-shirts, hoodies and jeans. And they hardly ever repeat outfits, which is just ridiculous. When I find a good outfit, I'll wear it as often as I can, I'm not letting it go to waste."


    "Everyone is always super-dressed up all the time! Pretty Little Liars was especially guilty of this, the girls always wore super-trendy, uncomfortable-looking outfits, heels EVERY DAY, and elaborate hair and makeup. Just once I want to see teen characters show up to school in sweatpants with no makeup and messy hair!"


    9. They have sex, like, all the time:


    "How much sex they are having and how easy it is to have. I wasn’t sexually active in high school, but my friends who were certainly weren’t doing it like that. It was awkward, they had to sneak out or lie about sleeping at a friend’s house. My friends and I wore printed, unlined bras from Target — not these matching, lacy underthings. I know I might sound prudish or out of touch, but even the kids who had sex weren’t doing it literally around every corner.


    10. They go to clubs like it's NBD and totally legal:


    "How do these teenagers go clubbing? Idk if it's a thing in America? But here in Australia you don't go clubbing until you're 18 and you can barely get in even with some sort of fake ID if you are underage."


    11. They can group text the whole school at once:


    "When there’s a massive group text. It’s complete unrealistic to have everyone’s numbers and somehow be part of a massive group chat."


    "When someone accidentally sends a text to the whole entire school. How on Earth did you get the number of every last student? Not only that, but how do you not notice you’re about to send a mass text to hundreds of people?"


    12. The cheerleaders only wear cheerleading uniforms all the time:


    "The cheerleaders wear their uniforms all the time. The ones at my school only wear them on game day."


    13. They look like they're in their 20s and 30s (because they're played by actors in their 20s and 30s):


    "All of the actors are in their thirties. They look absolutely nothing like actual teenagers, and it gives kids false expectations of others and themselves growing up."


    14. The parents are weirdly involved in all of the high school drama...


    "The parents of the teens always get all involved in the drama instead of just telling their kids to grow up."


    15. ...or the parents are not involved AT ALL:


    "Although I love One Tree Hill, where were their parents????? Haley’s parents let her get married in high school and just took off? Brooke’s parents moved away and let her stay? And Peyton’s dad went away for work and let her live alone?"


    "Parents that are either absent or completely oblivious to what their teens are doing. How did Joyce not know Buffy was into something unusual? Why would you send your 15 or 16-year-old daughter, her boyfriend and her friends who are a couple off to your lake house alone? Giant house parties with no consequences? Not in my teenage neighborhood, the neighborhood moms would have grounded me if my parents didn’t. Sex in my parents' house? Sure, if I wanted my boyfriend murdered and to visit my dad in jail for 15-20 years. Coming home drunk? I’d never see the light of day again."


    16. They have bizarre perks at their high schools:


    "The inaccuracies of what high school is *actually* like. I’ve never stepped foot inside a high school with a STUDENT LOUNGE."


    17. They...get married??!?!?!


    "TEEN WEDDINGS. Happened on One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Boy Meets World, Gilmore Girls, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Degrassi, and so many more. It’s too much and it never happens IRL."


    18. They always get live music in their "small towns":


    "Huge bands make appearances in seemingly small towns. And I will never get over Peyton dating Pete Wentz on One Tree Hill." — me.

    "They always have live bands for all their dances. We had a DJ in the gym for prom. That was it. No other dances, no Halloween dance, no spring fling, just prom with a DJ."


    19. The new girl is always immediately popular and instantly in a love triangle:


    "New girl arrives at school, instantly becomes the most popular girl with at least two guys pining over her...where's the originality/realism???"


    20. They're always getting murdered or solving murders:


    "Seriously, there's a disproportionate amount of murders happening on Teen TV!!! On Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars specifically, the body counts were SO high and everyone just moves on from it pretty quickly. Plus, the teens are often more effective than law enforcement." — me.

    21. They date people they would never have anything in common with:


    -Jasmine E, Twitter

    22. They inevitably spend Saturday detention together, à la The Breakfast Club:


    -Tricia M, Twitter

    23. They're mauled by bears:


    Sorry, had to.

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