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23 Bizarre "Friends" Plot Lines That Really Pissed People Off

A lot of them involve Ross Geller, TBH.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what plotlines from '90s and '00s TV shows they found fucked up, frustrating, problematic, or just didn't age quite well — and it turned out a lot of those came from Friends. Here are some of the best answers:

1. When Rachel and Joey got together

2. That whole "I Ross take thee Rachel" thing

3. Ross' jealousy over Rachel's friendship with Mark

4. ...and the fact that Ross didn't even remember who he was when he met Mark again later

5. Joey's on and off relationship with money

6. The treatment of Chandler's father

7. All of the fat jokes about Monica

8. When Ross thought Rachel being naked was a flirty way of inviting him over for sex

9. All of the confusion when Rachel thought Joey proposed to her

10. Ross seemingly not really caring about his children

11. When Ross wanted to sleep with his cousin Cassie

12. Rachel hiring Tag because he was hot and then inappropriately dating him

13. When Ross was Monica's first kiss

14. Whenever Ross' ex-wife Carol was used as a punchline

15. Dr. Drake Ramoray's untimely death

16. Ross getting mad at Joey for liking Rachel

17. The way Carol and Susan treated Ross in relation to his son

18. Ross having a problem with having a male nanny...

19. ...and having a problem when Ben wanted to play with Barbies

20. When Joey had to sleep with a director to get a part

21. Monica dating Richard (her dad's best friend) and then kissing his son

22. Ross lying to Rachel about annulling their marriage

23. And finally, that whole "we were on a break" thing

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