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23 Bizarre "Friends" Plot Lines That Really Pissed People Off

A lot of them involve Ross Geller, TBH.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what plotlines from '90s and '00s TV shows they found fucked up, frustrating, problematic, or just didn't age quite well — and it turned out a lot of those came from Friends. Here are some of the best answers:

1. When Rachel and Joey got together


"Rachel and Joey's relationship? WTF. Still can't get over that."


2. That whole "I Ross take thee Rachel" thing


"I hated on when Ross called Emily ‘Rachel’ on his wedding day. And then they thought it would be a good idea to go on the honeymoon together? And Emily gave him another chance after that! Honestly Ross was the worst and how he got any girl to even give him a chance is beyond me."


3. Ross' jealousy over Rachel's friendship with Mark


"To add another Ross Geller storyline, his horrible mistrust of Rachel when she started working with Mark. She and Mark were friends who could talk about their shared love of fashion and bond over their jobs and Ross became so insanely jealous and mistrusting of Rachel, assuming that every time they hung out that they were sleeping together. And when Mark left the job, Ross basically told Rachel that she shouldn't have to hang around him anymore if they don't work together. And then that awful episode where Rachel tried to tell him that having her work life and love life separate is what she wants and he completely ignored her and made her life even harder. Ross is just the worst."


"To me, Ross Geller's constant jealousy over Rachel working with Mark at Bloomingdale's was so fucked up and controlling. It was borderline emotionally abusive and it was glamorized. Sick."


4. ...and the fact that Ross didn't even remember who he was when he met Mark again later


"In Season 10 when Rachel meets Mark again and Ross doesn't remember him even though it was his ridiculous jealousy of Mark that lead to him and Rachel breaking up."


5. Joey's on and off relationship with money


"Some episodes he’s making the most out of everyone and some episodes he can’t pay his utility bills even when he is back on Days of Our Lives. Drives me nuts."


6. The treatment of Chandler's father


"On Friends, Chandler's father was said to be a drag queen. She did perform in drag shows, but she also lived her daily life as a woman. Therefore, Chandler's father was clearly a transgender woman NOT a drag queen. Basically every plot point that dealt with that was problematic, as she was constantly made fun of and misunderstood."


7. All of the fat jokes about Monica


"Ugh definitely Monica's 'fat phase.' Every time I watch an episode featuring 'fat Monica' I always end up (sarcastically) screaming to anyone within earshot, "IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE SHE'S FAT! AND FAT PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE HUMAN BEINGS! THEY EXIST TO BE THE BUTT OF JOKES!" She seemed totally happy when she was 'fat.' Well, she was until Chandler made a comment at Thanksgiving about her weight. And then she lost the weight! Because of what some guy had to say! Not because she wanted to!"


8. When Ross thought Rachel being naked was a flirty way of inviting him over for sex


"A truly awful Ross moment that is hardly ever talked about: the night before they go to Vegas and Rachel is alone in the apartment, walking around naked and Ross sees her through the window and thinks her being naked was a flirty way of inviting him over for sex. It’s repulsive."


9. All of the confusion when Rachel thought Joey proposed to her


"The episode where no one proposes drives me bananas! Who would just say “okay” to someone who is kneeling down with a ring? We have to believe Rachel is not that desperate! And Joseph! Could’ve cleared it up right away... such a weak storyline and not believable at all. Love the show but that’s definitely an episode I skip."


10. Ross seemingly not really caring about his children


"When Ross was devastated about Rachel making a career move in Paris and crying about never seeing her again.... I could’ve sworn they shared a child and why isn’t he more upset HIS daughter's moving?"


11. When Ross wanted to sleep with his cousin Cassie


"The episode where cousin Cassie came to town before Monica and Chandler's wedding and Ross wanted to fuck her. His own cousin. What the fuck."


12. Rachel hiring Tag because he was hot and then inappropriately dating him


"I mean, this whole relationship was wrong on so many levels. It started out fucked up with Rachel hiring Tag over a much more qualified candidate only because she thought her was hot. And then the fact that they were in a secret relationship?! Outrageous and so inappropriate."

—Jen A.

13. When Ross was Monica's first kiss


"That one episode where we found out that Ross was Monica’s first kiss."


"A lot of stuff on Friends is problematic now, but didn’t seem so bad at the time. My biggest issue has always been that Ross and Monica made out when she passed out on his bed in college. Creeped me out when it first aired and still creeps me out."


14. Whenever Ross' ex-wife Carol was used as a punchline

NBC / Via

"Anytime they made Ross' ex a punchline because she was gay. Gay people are not a punchline they are human beings who have relationships and love their partners. They aren't a running gag or something to poke fun at."


15. Dr. Drake Ramoray's untimely death


"When Dr. Drake Ramoray fell down an elevator shaft on Days of Our Lives. Good god none of us saw that coming."


16. Ross getting mad at Joey for liking Rachel


"When Ross gets mad at Joey for liking Rachel. Like dude, you dated her five years ago. And you got her pregnant and you don't wanna date her. Why do you care if Joey does? He's such a snot bucket."


17. The way Carol and Susan treated Ross in relation to his son


"I hated how Carol and Susan treated Ross like he was a sperm donor rather than Ben's biological father from a legitimate marriage. I'm a lesbian and I get it, but Susan pushed boundaries quite often."


18. Ross having a problem with having a male nanny...


"I just rewatched the episode where Ross insists on firing his male nanny, Sandy (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.), and it seriously pissed me off. You're really going to fire a perfect, loving, qualified nanny because he's a sensitive man? Fuck off."

—Jen A.

19. ...and having a problem when Ben wanted to play with Barbies


"Ross was really the worst when it came to that stuff; his son Ben couldn't play with Barbie."

—Sara Heinemeyer, Facebook

20. When Joey had to sleep with a director to get a part


"When Joey had to sleep with the director for a part and the rest of the friends aren't really that bothered by it."

—Kira Taylor Nolan, Facebook

21. Monica dating Richard (her dad's best friend) and then kissing his son


"Never bothered me that he was older, but she peed in his pool and her Dad went golfing with him — it was just weird. THEN she kissed his son, I mean WTF. Monica liked to keep it close to the family."

—Fi Rennie, Facebook

22. Ross lying to Rachel about annulling their marriage


"And in my top 5 'worst Ross moments': When he lied to Rachel about annulling their marriage and then tried to convince her to move in so that she would fall in love with him and then be excited to find out they were actually still married. Ross sucked."

—Jordan Wolfe, Facebook

23. And finally, that whole "we were on a break" thing


"Ross after Rachel said they should take a break from each other, and the fact that it wasn't that hard for him to bang some girl hours after. Like boy, I'm glad Rachel didn't forgive you even after you tried justifying you had every right to stick yo dick in some rando just cause you two "WERE ON A BREAK!" Bye Felicia.


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