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    21 Times Celebrities Were Funny AF About "Game Of Thrones" On Social Media

    "If the world ends before Dany and Jon Snow bang I'm gonna be so pissed."

    *Possible* spoilers ahead, so tread lightly!

    1. When Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had a new name for Euron:

    "Oh, his name is 'URINE'. That's a perfect name for him."- @daxshepard1

    2. When Ryan Reynolds fought with a child:

    Turns out Game of Thrones is NOT historically accurate. Apologies for calling my idiot 6 year old nephew an imbecile.

    3. When Zach Braff was very invested in Jon and Dany...

    Wait is she really his aunt? I need them to have sex. I'm very invested in this. #IShipThisHard

    4., EXTREMELY invested:

    If the world ends before Dany and Jon Snow bang I'm gonna be so pissed.

    5. When Chris Kattan had a legit question about Ed Sheeran's cameo:

    Was #EdSheeran singing #ShapeofYou by campfire on #GameofThrones tonight? @edsheeran @GameOfThrones @HBO…

    6. When Ed Sheeran had the perfect preparation for his future cameo:

    since finishing game of thrones season 2, i find myself talking to people like im medieval

    7. When Anna Kendrick was into all the murder:

    Twitter: "Oh noooo, Arya and Dany are getting all bloodthirsty and going bad!" Me:

    8. When the Rogen family had a lot in common with the Lannisters:

    .@GameOfThrones A Rogen always collects his debts.

    9. When Kumail Nanjiani had a great pun:

    Littlefinger is the worst person in Westeros. He's the Worstoros.

    10. When Kristen Bell went above and beyond with her premiere snacks...

    11. ...and the year before that, when she and Dax dressed for the occasion:

    We took the GOT premier SUPER serious. @IMKristenBell is my khaleesi.

    12. When Elizabeth Banks said exactly what we've all been thinking:

    Hoping for another Stark family reunion tonight like... 🤞🏻 #GameOfThrones

    13. When Mindy Kaling commented on Jon Snow's astigmatism:

    Jon Snow, King of the North, or cousin Oliver with astigmatism visiting set. God I love kit harington

    14. When Leslie Jones was HERE for the girl power:

    I love how it's all women fighting for the realm!!

    15. When Kerry Washington was raised in the North:

    My very own mother is the 1 who introduced me to @GameOfThrones so SHE is my fave #GoTMoms She sent word from the North (meaning The Bronx!)

    16. When Riverdale's Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes were watching together and had 🔥 commentary:

    Cami: "everyone's wearing a lot of black this season. I guess because winter's here." #GamesOfThrones

    17. When Madonna went all in on her obsession:

    18. When Josh Gad revealed the show's ending:

    We all should have known it was always going to be #EdSheeran on the throne at the end of the series.

    19. When Ava DuVernay revealed her sigil and house words:

    I am @Ava of House DuVernay, first of my name. Sigil: black eagle on gold field. House words: No permission. What's…

    20. When Amy Schumer revealed a truth about reality television:

    When Khaleesi's dragons grow up, they turn into the real housewives of Beverly Hills #spoileralert

    21. And finally, when Aziz Ansari dropped this truth about the cast:

    When doing press for Game of Thrones, the cast really needs to stay dressed in character. Shit fucks with my head too much.

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