21 "Bad" Disney Movie Descriptions That Will Ruin Your Childhood

    "Young woman finally gets some rest. Along comes a man to ruin it."

    Over the weekend, Twitter user @maria_giesela posed a hilarious question that quickly became a viral tweet:

    As a Disney enthusiast, I was fully dyin' over the spot-on and hilarious responses that made me look at my childhood faves in a new light.

    Here are some of the funniest "terrible" Disney summaries:

    1. This fishy way of looking at Prince Eric's line of work in The Little Mermaid:

    @NatashaNeagle_ @Maria_Giesela Teenager girl marries man who’s profession is charter fishing all her family and friends......😳🤭 https://t.co/FJfXzcVydu

    2. Or, how 'bout this clever take on The Little Mermaid instead:

    @Maria_Giesela Formerly vocal forlorn fish swipes right on high seas tinder.

    3. This brutal interpretation of Toy Story:

    4. This accurate summary of Belle's romantic choices in Beauty and the Beast:

    Country girl has to choose between guy who wants to control her life and guy who wants to keep her hostage. The latter is marginally nicer, but the deciding factor is his library. https://t.co/Jv0BSt1rjL

    5. This heartbreaking version of what happened between Anna and Elsa in Frozen:

    @Maria_Giesela Parents so scared to explain their child's condition they literally make the other child forget and separate them for the rest of their childhood with no explanation to the "healthy" child.

    6. This Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs retelling that's relatable AF:

    @Maria_Giesela A woman sleeps to avoid doing favors for several men.

    7. This devastating myth-busting, courtesy of Mufasa's death in The Lion King:

    @Maria_Giesela When the 'cats always land on their feet' myth was busted.

    8. This High School Musical reality about the film's one true hero, Sharpay:

    horny teenagers take the spotlight away from girl who has been working in the theater her entire life https://t.co/CiwDrx4SJR

    9. And while we're talking about DCOMs, how about this Cheetah Girls description that'll make you say, "Oh, SHIT!":

    @Maria_Giesela An eager and serious lead singer gets gaslit by her work-phobic group mates.

    10. This very literal and very true synopsis of Alice in Wonderland:

    @Maria_Giesela Girl does lots of drugs to escape

    11. This factual description of Mulan:

    A captain falls in love with an underage, crossdressing teenager and almost loses China to the Huns. https://t.co/NtpOwWvpHZ

    12. This exhausting spin on Sleeping Beauty:

    @Maria_Giesela Young woman finally gets some rest. Along comes a man to ruin it.

    13. This bleak outlook on Cinderella...

    @Maria_Giesela Foster child used for labor then taken in by another awful family for marriage from a stalker.

    14. ...and this very good point about the plot:

    @Maria_Giesela Woman cleans all day. Still has mice.

    15. This truth bomb about the basic premise of Aladdin...

    A thief and liar creates false reality to get girl to fall in love with him. Moves in palace with girl and Her dad cause he's a broke boy https://t.co/u1IUxzontz

    16. ...and this even more hilarious version:

    Shoplifting broke boy uses a magic lamp, flying carpet, & $200 dates to scam his way into the heart of a shawty who was WAYYYYYY out of his league. https://t.co/iiZlNazlob

    17. This scary version of Lilo & Stitch:

    @Maria_Giesela Aliens invade Hawaii and emotionally manipulate orphans

    18. This Moana description that will forever change the way that you talk about Maui:

    @Maria_Giesela A water bender and Island Thor team up to unbreak the worlds heart...

    19. This gospel truth about Hercules:

    @Maria_Giesela A gospel choir tells the story of a child put up for adoption who leaves his loving foster family to figure out who he is, then changes everything about himself to be accepted by a birth family that rejects him anyway. Also gets into a fight with an uncle with anger issues. https://t.co/1eG34lTvns

    20. This Peter Pan summary that'll ruin Neverland for you:

    @Maria_Giesela Child trafficking via fairydust

    21. And, finally, this 101 Dalmatians take that gives you Cruella DeVille's perspective:

    A plucky couple in London and their dogs won't let a fashion designer be great. https://t.co/ep00pbk0IL

    Ahh, the wonderful world of Disney!

    For more hilarious tweets, check out the rest of the thread which is A++++.