19 Hilarious Times Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted About Other Celebrities

    "Weird. The security guard at Oprah's says she's not expecting me."

    1. When she felt bad upstaging Beyoncé:

    I had to wait a week to reveal my big news because I didn't want to upstage anyone, but here it is.

    2. When she was really happy for her close family member Kate Middleton:

    I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT! Or a Godmother. Or whatever my cousin Kate Middleton wants me to be. Congratulations you two.

    3. When she sent regards to all of Nicki Minaj's personalities:

    Happy birthday, @NickiMinaj, Roman, Barbie, Martha, Tyrone, and all the others. You’re some of my favorite people.

    4. When she made this Jay-Z rhyme:

    .@S_C_ Happy birthday, Jay Z! You’re 45! That’s Cray Z.

    5. When she made a great Christian Bale joke:

    What do you call it when Batman skips church? Christian Bale. #ClassicJokeWednesday

    6. When she tried to trick Pink...

    Happy Birthday to my friend @Pink. Close your eyes and make a wish. Quick – someone take her purse.

    7. ...and also that time she was inspired by Pink:

    .@Pink, congratulations on your Vanguard Award. From now on I’m gonna spell my name El!en. I love u. #VMAs

    8. When she was a little nervous to meet Florence and the Machine:

    Florence and the Machine are on the show this Friday! Can't wait to meet Florence. A little nervous about the machine. I hope it's a dryer.

    9. When she tried to sneak into Oprah's house:

    Weird. The security guard at Oprah’s says she’s not expecting me. That’s clearly a mistake.

    10. When she had some theories about Saint West:

    Kim and Kanye’s baby is named Saint West! No word yet on what he’s the patron Saint of, but my bet is Instagram.

    11. When she revealed that Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford inspired her:

    The person I named my crawfish after won a Teen Choice Award. Congrats Chace Crawford. Chace Crawfish and I are so proud of you.

    12. When she shared a magazine cover with J.Lo:

    13. When she updated Steve Carell's virgin status:

    Happy birthday, @SteveCarell, or as I call you now, the 55-year-old virgin.

    14. When she had a great pun for George Clooney's family:

    Welcome to the world, Ella and Alexander Clooney. Congratulations, George and Amal, or as I’m now calling you, Ocean’s Four.

    15. When she almost replaced Gal Gadot:

    I just need my invisible jet. #WonderWoman

    16. When she felt shafted by LeBron James:

    LeBron James is Sportsman of the Year! I guess they've never seen me play badminton. Congratulations, @KingJames!

    17. When she revealed she was almost in Mean Girls instead of Rachel McAdams:

    18. When she made the ultimate Adele joke:

    Why did @Adele cross the road? She wanted to say hello from the other side.

    19. And of course, the time she broke the internet with this celeb-filled Oscar selfie:

    If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars