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    17 Hailey Baldwin Tweets To Justin Bieber That Should Be Recited At Their Wedding

    "lol sick tweets"

    So, I don't know if you've heard or not but Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin reportedly got engaged over the weekend.

    The pair first dated in 2016, but their relationship goes waaaaaay back to 2009 when they first met and it was clearly love at first sight:

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    Anyway, because I am a helpful person, I found these old tweets between Hailey and Justin that should probably be incorporated into their nuptials somehow or, at the very least, read annually on their anniversary:

    1. The time she told him he was cheesy...genuinely:

    "RT @justinbieber: Live love and laugh. Thanks" genuinely this is cheesy

    2. The time she wished Juz10 well right before Christmas:

    @justinbieber happy holidays to u too Juz10!

    3. The time she warned him about the perils of glass doors:

    @justinbieber glass doors are not your friend

    4. The time she celebrated the anniversary of Never Say Never, commented on the fleeting nature of time, and made future breakfast plans, all in just 140 characters:

    @justinbieber 1 yr. Since NYC premiere of NSN3D... Time flies for sure... Pancakes again soon! @StephenBaldwin7 @studiomama

    5. The time she burned him Glenn Coco style:

    6. The time she absolutely needed to retweet this crucial message to her followers...

    7. ...and this one:

    RT @justinbieber: cereal is really good

    8. In fact, she agreed with Justin's point so much, she even emphasized it yet again:

    @justinbieber anytime is a good time for cereal.

    9. The time she celebrated Justin's creativity:

    @justinbieber the new video is wayyy good. That was very creative, great job!

    10. The time she kinda humblebragged while delivering a compliment:

    I've seen a lot of people host SNL, including family members and I must say @JustinBieber you killed it! Great job you were hysterical!

    11. The time she offered some constructive criticism:

    @justinbieber why are you holding a snake ...? ... I think u need to loose the glasses.... But I love the shoes lol

    12. The time she had nothing but the finest things to say about Brazil:

    @justinbieber ohhhhhh yeahhhhh Brazil yeahhhhhhhhh!!! You will love it

    13. The time she was wondering waddup doeee:

    14. The time she used a hashtag to make her point:

    @justinbieber can we just talk about your dark hair for a second... #itlooksreallygood

    15. The time she rang in 2012 with this tweet:

    @justinbieber happy new year! U had a great performance tonight!

    16. The time she celebrated this huge milestone:

    @justinbieber #MISTLETOE is #1 on ITunes! Congrats!!!! :)

    17. And finally, the time she said so little and yet so much at the same time:

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