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Meghan Markle Had Zero Chill Over This Baby Wearing An Aboriginal Flag T-Shirt

Just make her our head of state already.

As an expectant mother, Meghan Markle, appears to be LOVING all of the facetime she's getting with kids during the Australian royal tour.

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On Tuesday in Sydney she met more kids than a childcare worker, like singer Missy Higgins' little one, Luna.

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As well as these legends at the Opera House who handed the couple bouquets of roses and bottlebrushes.

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But it was one tot in the crowd who captured the Duchess' attention, Charlotte Collier, thanks to her awesome t-shirt.

Jenna Clarke

Charlotte, here with her sister Kimberly Mueller, wore a shirt emblazoned with the Aboriginal flag and Meghan was rapt telling the tot: "I absolutely love your shirt".

Jenna Clarke

Kimberly told BuzzFeed the inspiration for Charlotte's outfit was simple: "It’s our heritage and we are so incredibly proud of it. My parents and grandparents are very immersed and knowledgeable about it and we love expressing it when ever we can. We thought what a better welcome to Australia than an Aboriginal flag."

Prior to meeting Charlotte, the royal couple enjoyed a performance by the Bangarra Dance, Australia’s leading Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander dance company.

Video: #HarryandMegan are engrossed in the powerful performances of Bangarra Dance theatre inside Sydney Opera House. #RoyalVisitAUS https://t.co/x7tMGa8MRS

Meeting Meghan happened by pure chance for Charlotte as she was given a small posy by a lady who was standing next to her in the crowd.

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The good samaritan had driven more than 3 hours from the Hunter Valley and waited for another 4 hours amongst the thousands of others outside the Opera House to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess. "I just felt it was more important for Meghan to see her and what that shirt represents," she told BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity.

This is the real Australia. Thank you kind stranger! Thank you Charlotte!


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