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    Here's Some Photos Of Meghan Markle's Dress That'll Make You Say It's Nice, It's Different, It's Unusual

    The greatest honour an outfit can get in Australia.

    As the great wordsmith Marshall Mathers once said, "Guess who's back, back again." Yes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have returned to Australia after a quick tour of the South Pacific.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images, Pool / Getty Images

    The royal couple popped back to Sydney to attend the Australian Geographic Society Awards which honoured the highest conservation achievements made Down Under.

    Prince Harry accepts the award on behalf of his grandmother, The Queen, and pays a touching tribute to his father the Prince of Wales

    Harry made a lovely speech about his dad, Prince Charles, and said some nice things about his foresight and innovative approach to environmental issues.

    We also got a glimpse of Meghan who turned her style dial up to "bow down to your queen" levels of chic for the gala event in this beautiful Oscar de la Renta ballgown.

    Pool / Getty Images

    The white tulle frock was made with black bonded looped ribbon and featured birds that were made from tweed.

    Pool / Getty Images

    She accessorised it with Aquazzura pumps, a stuffed wombat and toy numbat — some popular Aussie marsupials.

    Pool / Getty Images

    So fancy is the dress from Oscar's prefall 2018 collection that it cannot be bought, one must "contact a personal shopper" before adding it to cart.

    It's nice, it's different, it's unusual and I can't stop looking at its craftsmanship from every angle. Here is it from the front.

    Pool / Getty Images

    From the right.

    Pool / Getty Images

    From the left.

    Pool / Getty Images

    The right again.

    Pool / Getty Images

    The left again.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Also with toy numbat.

    And the back.

    Pool / Getty Images

    After that 360 I'm not convinced Meghan wasn't born a royal as that display was Disney princess levels of regal.

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