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25 Things Sitcoms Seriously Need To Stop Doing

If I have to hear one more laugh track...

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3. "Fat" versions of characters are made to seem stupid, slobby, and ugly.


"The fat suit, the fat jokes, and the lack of plus-sized people in roles that aren't based around the fact that they're fat. Why can't a fat girl be a romantic lead without the plot centering on the problem of her weight?"



5. Huge things happen in one episode, and then never effect subsequent storylines/are never mentioned again.


"It may cause heartache, major disruption or the possibility of someone's life being changed majorly, but it doesn't matter because it's all forgotten about by the next episode."


6. Everyone always looks really nice, even if they're just hanging out at home.


"I HATE it when characters wear regular clothes (jeans/shoes/etc.) when they're meant to be lounging at home. Seriously most people don't even wear pants when they're chilling at home, like why would those characters be wearing boots or jeans?"


7. Sex is always so... clean.


"Couples have sex and then just casually lay there after like it's not messy down there or there's no condom to be thrown out or anything... or sometimes they go straight to sleep after, and I'm like 'what the hell?!'."



8. The meals are always full-on (although you rarely see people actually eating).


"I hate completely unrealistic meals. Like no one sets out an entire spread for breakfast — putting orange juice into a pitcher and slicing a bunch of fruit and different breads!"



12. One character is always bullied for laughs.


"They make it seem like constantly making fun of someone is considered friendship. I mean, we all joke with our friends, but not 90% of the time, and not about stuff that we know they worry about. It's not funny when you make fun of someones vulnerability, that's called bullying."


13. People never say what they mean.


"A character is trying to tell another character something really important, but the other character interjects with their news first. The worst part is when the other character says 'what was it you wanted to tell me?.'"



17. Or the gimmicky episodes that have nothing to do with the overall plot.


"I despise those weird, noncanon gimmick episodes, such as musical episodes, alternate timeline episodes, and Christmas specials."



23. Groups of friends are present for every single life event.


Even if your friends are like your family, at least some of them have ACTUAL families who should be there.

—Helene Croussette, Facebook


25. And laugh tracks. Oh god, the laugh tracks.


"I am not yet at that point of loneliness where I enjoy hearing other people's annoying staged laughs. WE GET THAT THE COMMENT BARBARA MADE WAS FUNNY! WE DO NOT NEED TO HEAR SOME LAUGHING TO PROVE IT!!!!"


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