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10 Of The Worst Reality Shows Ever Made

Reality TV expert Tom Ballard talks Orgasm Wars, Ex on the Beach, and other reality shows you'll want to hate watch.

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Tom Ballard, host of ABC's Reality Check, has watched a lot of reality TV. So naturally we asked him to share the most terrible shows he's come across, because why watch good TV when there's these shows?


6. The Swan

Tom: Speaking of ghastly superficiality and the commercialisation of human self-worth – this show! The Swan saw women who were deemed ugly given extreme plastic surgery makeovers, forbidden from seeing themselves in any kind of mirror for months, then entered in the “Swan pageant” so their new-found hotness could be judged and ranked.


7. All My Babies' Mamas

Tom: I can technically “help but watch” this show because it was, how you say, “cancelled before it even went to air”.

But let’s all just take a moment to think about how great our lives could have been if we’d got to tune in and see rapper Shawty Lo deal with the daily ups and downs of being the father of 11 children by 10 different women (aka his “babies’ mamas”)...


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