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    39 Questions We Have After The "Game Of Thrones" Season 6 Finale

    And now our wait begins.

    1. Who will pay this woman now that Pycelle is dead?

    2. How much candy did it take to convince these little birds to go full Olly?

    3. What exactly was the undead Mountain doing to the Shame Nun?

    4. What happened to Ser Pounce?

    5. When is Sam going to find out that Jon is no longer Lord Commander, and also that he was murdered, and also that he was raised from the dead, and also that he left the Night's Watch, and also that he waged war on the Boltons and retook Winterfell, and also that he is NOW KING IN THE NORTH?

    6. And how long before he discovers some important info in that massive-ass library?

    Hope he's a fast reader.

    7. Where is Melisandre off to?

    8. So, uh, who actually took the main bedroom in Winterfell?

    9. Does Olenna have any other children/grandchildren in the show or are the Tyrells basically dunzo now?

    10. Is dumping Daario going to come back to bite Dany?

    11. How's Jorah doing these days?

    Dany's heading to Westeros and he definitely isn't by her side.

    12. Where did Arya get this face?

    13. And how is she ever going to be able to recover from this?!

    She's gone to a very, very dark place. It's amazing, but it's also really worrying.

    14. Will Littlefinger succeed in manipulating Sansa all over again?

    Please no.

    15. Or will Sansa outplay HIM this time?

    Please yes.

    16. How's Edd doing up at Castle Black?

    17. Will Bran somehow cause the Wall to fall down, or allow the White Walkers through, because of the Night King's mark on his arm?

    18. Will we ever see Benjen again?

    19. What was the name Lyanna whispered to Ned?!

    20. How long will we have to wait before we hear it 100% confirmed that Rhaegar is Jon's father?

    Like, we know it's true, it was even in this HBO infographic, but when are we gonna hear it on the show?!

    21. And how long will we have to wait before JON finds out the truth?!

    22. Will we ever get to see Rhaegar on screen?

    23. Are Sansa and Jon really going to fight over this King in the North business?

    24. Also, how will the whole King in the North/Lady of Winterfell thing work when Bran comes back into the picture?

    25. Will Arya reunite with her family soon or just continue or her revenge tour?

    Why not both?


    27. How did Cersei just declare herself queen though?

    28. Is Jaime going to stick around and try to talk some sense into her, or is he just going to nope the fuck out of there?

    29. What is UP with the timeline?

    I get it, events aren't unfolding in the same timeframe as we're watching them, but like... I really need to know the chronology, please.

    30. How is Westeros going to handle this fuck-off huge army of Dothraki, Unsullied, and dragons coming at them?

    31. Will Dany and Jon fight or fuck?

    Dany did say she was going to marry to form an alliance and Jon is about the most eligible bachelor in Westeros right now. Yes, he's her nephew, but Targaryens are used to marrying their siblings, so...

    32. Can we get more Davos and Lyanna Mormont screentime?

    33. Actually, can Lyanna Mormont be in every scene?

    34. What are the Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners up to?

    35. Will Cleganebowl ever happen?

    36. How many ships has Euron got now?

    He's pretty terrifying, ngl.

    37. Where are Brienne and Pod?


    39. Aaaand how the hell are we going to cope with no new Game of Thrones for nearly a year?!