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    HBO Might Have Just Confirmed This "Game Of Thrones" Plot Point

    Putting the R in R+L=J.

    The Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones confirmed what many fans have been speculating about for years – that Lyanna Stark is, in fact, Jon Snow's mother.

    Most fans also took it as confirmation that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen, the man who kidnapped (or perhaps eloped with) Lyanna. But although there is overwhelming evidence that supports this, it wasn't explicitly stated in the show – and so some are speculating Jon's father could actually be someone else. Someone like Robert Baratheon, Aerys Targaryen, or even Ned Stark himself.

    But HBO seems to have settled the debate by releasing this chart on its behind-the-scenes website, which directly links Jon Snow to Rhaegar Targaryen.

    HBO / Via

    It's a bit odd really, considering the showrunners seem to be keen to keep the mystery of Jon's father alive at least a little longer. Not only did they mute part of what Lyanna said to Ned in the Tower of Joy – which would no doubt identify him as a Targaryen once and for all – they've also mostly avoided commenting on the scene outside of the show.

    There will probably still be some sceptics out there. But to be honest, there is no textual evidence that Ned and Lyanna had an incestuous relationship, and nothing that indicates Lyanna could have been impregnated by Aerys Targaryen either. There is actually evidence against Robert Baratheon being Jon's father – specifically, the fact Lyanna asked Ned to protect Jon from Robert because he'd kill him if he found out about him. It doesn't make any sense that Robert would kill his own child with Lyanna – it does, however, make a lot of sense that he'd want to kill Rhaegar's child.

    And as for Jon's looks – well, it's pretty clear he got them from his mama.

    For a full breakdown of all the evidence that Rhaegar is Jon's father, check out this post.

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