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Here's What This "Game Of Thrones" Moment Probably Meant

Contains spoilers and lots of speculation.

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In Season 6, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones, Cersei seemingly lost her last hope when Tommen outlawed trials by combat.


This not only leaves her completely vulnerable to the High Sparrow's judgment once again, but also, probably worst of all for Cersei, she's now totally cut off from the one thing she cares about more than herself: her baby boy.

A popular fan theory suggests Cersei will become the Mad Queen and unleash wildfire – and after this week's episode, it's looking more likely than ever before.


For a full run-down of the theory, check out this post. But basically, Cersei has mentioned burning cities to the ground/ash multiple times in the past, and Jaime reiterated this concept in this week's episode when talking about the things she'd do for her children.

Cersei is more desperate than she's ever been before – and we know from her past actions she'll do drastic things when she's feeling desperate.


Remember when she nearly murdered Tommen back in Season 2, when she thought the Lannisters would lose the Battle of the Blackwater? What do you think she'll do now that he's her last remaining child, and she's lost him to the High Sparrow? While her own life is in danger at the same time? And she's surrounded by enemies?

Cersei had been intending to use wildfire during Season 2, before Tyrion stole it for the Blackwater. If Qyburn has discovered the secret stash underneath the city, Cersei probably wouldn't hesitate to use it.

Her and Loras's trials will happen soon – likely in Episode 10, given Bastardbowl will be the focus of 9 – and what better opportunity is there for Cersei to kill all her enemies in King's Landing in one go?


They'll gather in the sept for the trial, and, presumably with the help of the Mountain and Qyburn, she'll lock them in and set them alight.

...fulfilling the prophecy that Cersei would lose everything she held dear, including all of her children, just in time for Jaime to show up in King's Landing, become the valonqar ("little brother" destined to kill her) and end her life as he ended the Mad King's.

Many think he'll then kill himself or perish in the wildfire, but there is another possibility. With Tommen dead and all the Baratheons gone (except bastard Gendry, still out rowing somewhere), there'd be no one left to inherit the throne. Some Reddit users argue it may fall to Jaime.


Perhaps, after repeating history by killing Cersei, he'll also end up sitting on the throne once again – only this time, for real. Maybe the reason we saw this scene in Bran's vision earlier this season was because it was foreshadowing what was to come, as well as showing what happened in the past.

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