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23 Times Kiwis Were The Funniest On Tumblr

"Togs togs togs togs togs undies undies undies undies."

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1. On "Cheeky Nandos":

2. On exhibits:

3. On any mention of New Zealand:

4. On the way Lord of the Rings ruined everything:

5. Or actually, maybe made everything better:

6. Definitely made everything better:

7. On criminals:

8. On swimwear etiquette in summer:

9. On health education:

10. On supermarkets:

11. On politicians:

12. On shipping:

13. On Kiwi moods:

14. On the darkest period in New Zealand's history:

15. On current events:

16. On Shrek the sheep:

17. And this sheep:

18. On beauty:

19. On patriotism:

20. On the weather:

21. On international relations:

22. On what New Zealand is really like:

23. And the most offensive thing you can say to a Kiwi: