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47 Times Australians Totally Nailed It On Tumblr In 2014


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1. On Christmas in Australia:

2. And dreaming of a "White Christmas":

3. On the Westerosi words of Australia:

4. And other Game of Thrones quotes that apply:

5. On the anti-smoking campaign:

6. On what really scares Australians:

7. On "Fall":

8. And Pumpkin Spice Lattes:

9. On culture clashes:

10. And Wagon Wheels:

11. On spiders:

12. On the unique lingo:

13. And Australian greetings:

14. And important proverbs:

15. On being home to People's Sexiest Man Alive:

16. On art:

17. On #AusPol:

18. On the Australian version of The Fault in Our Stars:

19. On the Wicked Witch of Oz:

20. On Tony Abbott's mates:

21. On this past prime minister:

22. On the sad life of Patrick:

23. On the 2014 Federal Budget:

24. And how it made everyone feel:

25. On the face that haunts your nightmares:

26. And Australian birdlife:

27. On winter:

28. And how Australians cope:

29. On cafeterias:

30. And dinner guests:

31. On the internet:

32. And "nightblogging":

33. On chidren's TV:

34. On the official currency:

35. On drinking:

36. And drinking animals:

37. On puns:

38. On Australian delicacies:

39. And what the world is missing:

40. On safe driving:

41. On Harry Potter:

42. And Breaking Bad:

43. On Valentine's Day:

44. And finding love:

45. On place names:

46. On Australia's #winning attitude:

47. And on being 'STRAYAN.

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