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    Disney Might Be Remaking "Splash" With The Genders Swapped

    *slams fist on table* Now this is the kind of content I pay to see!

    Remember Splash, that iconic mermaid movie from the '80s starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks?

    According to Deadline, Splash will be the next classic to undergo the gender-swap remake treatment, with none other than Channing Tatum in the mermaid/merman role.

    The casting would be perfect because, as we all know, the distinguishing feature of mermen (aside from the whole fish tail thing) is the fact that they never, ever wear shirts.

    Coincidentally, Channing Tatum should never, ever wear a shirt.

    Also, mermen need good rhythm for all that wriggling through the water.

    Honestly, he was made for the role.

    Jillian Bell, who previously starred alongside Tatum in 22 Jump Street, may play the Tom Hanks role — aka the human who falls in love with a half-fish.