Everything We Know About The Next Season Of "The Umbrella Academy"

    Season 4 will be "going toward an endgame" according to showrunner Steve Blackman.

    WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

    Want to know what's happening with Netflix's The Umbrella Academy Season 4? Read on to find out — but first, a little refresher on how Season 3 ended...

    Diego, Five, Klaus, Luther and Viktor sing into microphones while holding alcohol and standing in a row in front of a fireplace in a hotel

    In the Season 3 finale of The Umbrella Academy, there was, as usual, a huge, universe-resetting moment — this time quite literally, with the characters finding themselves in an entirely new world and timeline.

    The Umbrella Academy characters sand in a circle in the foyer of the Hotel Oblivion

    Allison, who Sir Reginald had made a deal with, turned against him at the last moment to save her siblings, killing Sir Reginald — but then resetting the universe herself anyway.

    Sir Reginald bleeds greenish-black Alien-like blood from a gaping head wound

    There are some other significant changes in the new universe: Sloane disappeared, and Sir Reginald now seems to own, like, all of New York City (and/or the world?) — plus, his wife Abigail is now alive.

    Luther and Sloane look lovingly into each other's eyes, Luther's hands are on Sloane's face while her hands are on his waist

    The Umbrella Academy crew went their separate ways, with Luther on a quest to find Sloane, Klaus chasing after him, a pregnant Lila and Diego running off together, and everyone else dispersing alone — including Sparrow Ben, who turned up in Korea looking very different in the mid-credits scene.

    Sparrow Ben wears glasses and sits on a train reading a book

    Showrunner Steve Blackman has pitched Season 4 to Netflix.

    The Umbrella Academy as children standing in front of a ban after a battle; Ben is covered in blood and looks sad

    Blackman added that in addition to exploring the Umbrella Academy without powers, Season 4 will also be about how Hargreeves reprogrammed the universe, including the implications of his wife, Abigail, being alive.

    Reginald and Abigail stand in front of a window looking down at the city at night

    "The intention is that this timeline, whatever we’re in now, has merged people from other timelines into one, and that may or may not have repercussions in the future," Blackman said.

    Lila, Diego, Ben and Five sit in a row on a couch in the Hargreeves home

    Blackman also hinted to The Wrap that if Season 4 happens, it might actually be the final one for The Umbrella Academy.

    Five wears a suit and sits on a chair in a courtyard with a bar and party lights in the background

    Stay tuned for more updates on Season 4!

    Luther and Klaus sit on couches eating pizza and drinking bear while talking in the middle of a desert

    What do you want to see happen next season on The Umbrella Academy?