33 "Umbrella Academy" Season 3 Moments That Prove How Brilliant This Show Is

    Diego saying "I'm the daddy here" will forever live in my mind rent-free.


    The Umbrella Academy is back, and this season was a chaotic mess, but in the best way possible. The latest batch of episodes was filled with yet another doomsday threat (the Hargreeves siblings really can't catch a break), more time-hopping shenanigans, new and old faces (hello Sparrow Academy) and a climatic ending that kicked the door wide open for future episodes.

    Ben sitting on a train reading a book

    Basically, there was a lot to process. So, let's talk about what happened and reminisce about some of the best moments from Season 3.

    1. First up, when we got this perfectly in sync moment that signalled the beginning of the Umbrella to Sparrow Academy transformation.

    obsessed with how perfectly in sync this moment is, from S1 Brellies to S3 Sparrows. #TheUmbrellaAcademy

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    This callback to the beginning was such a great way to kickstart Season 3.

    2. When Marcus and Luther had an old-fashioned Footloose showdown to settle the differences between the Sparrows and Brellies.

    3. Which meant that we were blessed with scenes of both families dancing their asses off, including this moment where Diego stole the spotlight.

    4. And then, of course, when Diego snapped back to reality and realised that the entire Footloose dance sequence was a hallucination caused by Jayme's poison.

    5. Meanwhile, when Five was hit by Jayme's poison, he saw his one true love, Dolores the mannequin, come to life — which just looked kinda weird IRL.

    6. When Diego rightfully told Christopher — the, uh, floating cube — who their daddy is.

    7. When Diego ever so slightly sugarcoated the truth about why the Brellies needed to hightail it out of the Hargreeves manor after spotting Reginald.

    8. When the Umbrella Academy crew needed to pay for their stay at the Hotel Obsidian and what was in their pockets perfectly matched each character.

    9. And this happened once again when Five instructed his siblings what to do if they ever saw their doppelgänger and they all jumped in with vastly different, but accurate to their character, answers.

    10. When we got to see Ben shirtless — and say what you will, but I was just glad to have more of Justin H. Min on our screens this season.

    11. When Viktor reintroduced himself to his family — and I don't know about you, but I loved the simplicity of this sequence and the no-fuss responses given by Diego, Klaus and Five.

    12. Which led to his heartwarming conversation between Viktor and Allison about feeling comfortable in your own skin and being loved, no matter what.

    13. When Five and Klaus went on a road trip slash mission together, which gave them lots of time to bond in their own way.

    14. When Stan proved he was a splitting image of Diego during the supermarket fight scene against Jayme and Alphonso.

    15. Including when he mirrored Diego's exact actions because you know how the saying goes — like father, like son, right?

    16. When Luther's face lit up immediately after realising that Sloane was interested in hearing more about him and his time on the moon.

    17. When Lila kicked Five's arse, even though she was butt naked.

    18. And sorry to flash forward for a moment, but how freaking badass was Lila when she was playing the drums with her band in Berlin.

    19. When Luther wanted to make sure Viktor knew that the entire family loved and accepted him, but went about it in the funniest way possible.

    20. When we got to see the full extent of Harlan's powers — and holy cow, that was some powerful shit.

    21. When Diego, once again, reminded everyone about his daddy status card.

    22. And on that note, I need a moment and a half for daddy Diego waking up like this.

    23. When Allison had this heartbreaking conversation with an imaginary version of Ray.

    24. When Klaus finally realised the true potential of his powers and himself.

    25. When Diego and Ben got in a heated argument, which resulted in them yelling at each other in Korean and Spanish.

    this scene of ben and diego yelling at each other in Korean and Spanish – art 🤌🏽 #TheUmbrellaAcademy

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    In an interview with Newsweek, Diego and Justin confirmed that they completely improvised this scene and were shocked that it was kept in the show.

    26. When Luther asked Viktor to be the best man at his wedding, which is just very wholesome and cute.

    27. When Reginald tried to give Klaus a compliment, and although it was well-intentioned, it didn't quite hit the mark.

    28. When Luther's bachelor party gave us Diego, Five, Klaus, Luther and Viktor doing karaoke and simply enjoying each other's company.

    29. When Luther saw Sloane for the first time in her wedding dress and this was his facial expression.

    30. When hungover Five assumed his drunken wedding speech would be full of insults, but instead, he made a gooey declaration of love to his siblings.

    31. When Luther stood up to Reginald for the first time in his life and was finally able to get some much-needed closure.

    32. When Diego reassured Lila that she was nothing like The Handler and would be an incredible mother.

    33. And finally, when Klaus used the last reserves of his powers to bring back Luther from the dead.

    What was your favourite moment from The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

    And drop your fan theories for Season 4 in the comments because I feeeeel like it's going to be a big one!