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    6 Nov 2014

    The Definitive Ranking Of Iconic Aussie Theme Songs From The '90s

    Have you ever, ever felt like this?

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    25. Spellbinder

    Nostalgia Factor: The show was fantastic but the theme song could've been catchier.

    24. Agro's Cartoon Connection

    Nostalgia Factor: If you loved the sound of Agro's voice, this song probably meant a lot to you. So there's that.

    23. Mirror Mirror

    Nostalgia Factor: You still maintain this show - and its theme song - are vastly underrated.

    22. Pugwall

    Nostalgia Factor: You may have been five but this made you feel like you were at a rock concert.

    21. Minty

    Nostalgia Factor: Minty had an album IRL and this was a single on it, it was that good.

    20. The Wayne Manifesto

    Nostalgia Factor: The song itself was eclipsed by that outstanding claymation.

    19. Johnson & Friends

    Nostalgia Factor: You totally weeeeeed alongside Johnson. Wait, that came out wrong.

    18. Elly & Jools

    Nostalgia Factor: You still get a little emotional just hearing it.

    17. Lizzie's Library

    Nostalgia Factor: It made you say "hooray!" about going to the library.

    16. Ocean Girl

    Nostalgia Factor: This is something you'd probably do yoga to these days.

    15. Cheez TV

    Nostalgia Factor: CHEEZ TV! 'Nuff said.

    14. The Book Place

    Nostalgia Factor: It really was a ~magical~ song for a ~magical~ place.

    13. Genie From Down Under

    Nostalgia Factor: A lot of this song is actually just people talking so it was doable even if you couldn't sing (not that you cared anyway).

    12. Totally Wild

    Nostalgia Factor: You listened to this and became ~totally wild~.

    11. A*Mazing

    Nostalgia Factor: You still yell AMAZING like that, because it's amazing.

    10. Play School

    Nostalgia Factor: This song spans generations. Legendary.

    9. Bananas In Pyjamas

    Nostalgia Factor: The show was actually based on the song, which has been around since 1967. The definition of iconic.

    8. Mr Squiggle

    Nostalgia Factor: It holds a special place in your heart even if you can't remember all the lyrics.

    7. Mulligrubs

    Nostalgia Factor: The song was the best part of the show.

    6. Lift Off

    Nostalgia Factor: It was just so fun to sing. HOW DO YOU DO WACKADOO!

    5. The Ferals

    Nostalgia Factor: You always sang the part of your fave Feral particularly loud.

    4. Heartbreak High

    Nostalgia Factor: It doesn't even need words to get right under your skin.

    3. The Adventures Of Blinky Bill

    Nostalgia Factor: Be honest - you're bobbing your head right now listening to it.

    2. Ship To Shore

    Nostalgia Factor: That pan flute starts and you are instantly transported back to your childhood.

    1. Round The Twist

    Nostalgia Factor: Have you ever, ever felt like this? ONLY ALL THE TIME.

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