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Sadly, Gendry Probably Won't Be On "Game Of Thrones" Next Week

We're seeing him everywhere but ON THE ACTUAL SHOW.

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But it's gotten to the point where people are jumping at the teeniest, tiniest hint of Gendry in hopes of seeing him again.

when the episode started with someone doing metal work, I thought it would be GENDRY! #thebrokenman #GameofThrones


Then the preview for Episode 8 came out, and there were so many Gendry sightings.

ok was that Gendry I saw in the preview for next weeks episode or am I just making it up??

Was that Gendry I just saw in that preview!? #GameofThrones

Except, unfortunately, that's not Gendry at all.

Tell me I'm not the only one who saw Gendry in the preview!#GameofThrones


And, um, this guy? He's not Gendry either.

Yes, we all want him to be in Braavos and reunite with Arya – but that man in the crowd just plain isn't him.

That doesn't mean all hope is lost! He could still show up in Braavos – or, even likelier, with the Brotherhood Without Banners, who may or may not be who the Hound is fighting in the preview.

In the meantime, our watch continues.