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    "Riverdale" Referenced "Scream" And I'm Freaking Out

    Is FP involved with the Gargoyle King?!

    Riverdale loves a movie reference.

    The CW

    And with '90s heartthrob Skeet Ulrich playing FP Jones, it was only a matter of time before they referenced his most iconic role – Billy Loomis in Scream.


    They finally did that in this week's episode, and I've gotta be honest, it's got me very, very worried.

    The CW

    The first reference was pretty minor – Alice's popcorn cooking while she runs from the Gargoyle King, which echoes the way Casey's does when she runs from the killer in Scream.

    Dimension, The CW

    But THEN! FP climbs through Betty's window (which in itself is weird), just as Billy Loomis climbs through Sydney's window in Scream whenever he (spoilers for a 22-year-old movie) kills someone.

    Dimension, The CW

    AND THEN! He embraces Alice and looks over her shoulder in the EXACT way he does with Sydney in Scream.

    Dimension, The CW

    Now, it could just be a simple homage that doesn't mean anything, but that LOOK sure makes me feel suspicious. What if FP is working with the Gargoyle King?! Or IS the Gargoyle King???!

    The CW

    Of course, if the Riverdale writers are trying to make him look super suspicious now it could be a red herring and he's probably, in fact, innocent. Who even knows with this show tbh.


    The villain this season is the Gargoyle King. An earlier version of this post called him the Goblin King. What can I say, I was dreaming of David Bowie...