This Instagrammer Creates The Most Gorgeous Lip Art You'll Ever See

    This is truly art.

    Miss Jazmina is an Instagrammer who creates next-level amazing lip art – like this Harry Potter masterpiece.

    And this The Little Mermaid stunner.

    And this outstanding tribute to The Nigthmare Before Christmas.

    Jazmina told BuzzFeed that she's always been into art, but after being diagnosed with a brain tumour she focused more on makeup.

    And she doesn't just do character art.

    She's also done things like Lego lips.

    And cityscapes.

    As well as a lot of beautiful abstract pieces.

    Jazmina uses a combination of lip products, eyeshadows, and other decals to create these gorgeous looks.

    Watch her paint a galaxy on her lips here.

    Jazmina told BuzzFeed that she doesn't really plan out the designs, but does what she feels like and keeps trying until she gets it right.

    "It can take hours sometimes or as quick as 10 minutes."

    Jazmina says she's worn her designs out a "handful of times" and usually gets weird stares, but that doing lip art makes her happy and she loves that it makes others happy too.

    You can see more of Jazmina's amazing work on her Instagram.