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This Instagrammer Creates The Most Gorgeous Lip Art You'll Ever See

This is truly art.

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Jazmina told BuzzFeed that she's always been into art, but after being diagnosed with a brain tumour she focused more on makeup.

Instagram: @missjazminad via Instagram: @missjazminad

"It was like my therapy. I started to experiment with my lips instead of just a full face or eyes. It's probably been four years now since I've been doing lip art."


Watch her paint a galaxy on her lips here.

Instagram: @missjazminad

Jazmina told BuzzFeed that she doesn't really plan out the designs, but does what she feels like and keeps trying until she gets it right.

Instagram: @missjazminad via Instagram: @missjazminad

"It can be very frustrating doing lip art – you need a steady hand for detailed work, and when it's not coming out like you'd hope it can be disheartening... But it always feels better to be able to finally execute the design instead of giving up on the idea."