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29 Movies Featuring Six Packs You Just Want To Lick

They all get FIVE STARS.

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Australian presenter Lee Lin Chin has created a genius new movie rating system (watch it here).

SBS2 / Via

It's all about the six packs.

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So here's a bunch of movies that would get the Lee Lin Chin seal of approval.

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1. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Warner Bros

Or as it should be called, Six Pack, Pecks, Arms. FIVE STARS.

2. Magic Mike

Six packs for days. FIVE STARS.

3. Conan the Barbarian

More like SEX pack, amirite? FIVE STARS.

4. A Streetcar Named Desire

Warner Bros

Siiiix-paaaaack. FIVE STARS.

5. Fight Club


If the choice is ass or crotch, I choose ABS. FIVE STARS.

6. Wanted

When they named the movie it was the six pack they were talking about. FIVE STARS.

7. Thor

The God of Thunder and Six Packs. FIVE STARS.

8. The Twilight Saga


The best performance in this series was Taylor Lautner's torso. FIVE STARS.

9. G.I. Blues

Singing six packs. FIVE STARS.

10. The Proposal

Why AREN'T you naked all the time? FIVE STARS.

11. 300


12. The Cabin in the Woods


Six packs to die for. FIVE STARS.

13. Pompeii

FImDistrict / Via

Warning: may cause volcanic eruptions. FIVE STARS.

14. What's Your Number?

The only important number here is six. FIVE STARS.

15. Neighbors

Good Universe

According to the trailer, there's six packs. FIVE STARS.

16. Immortals

Six packs of epic proportions. FIVE STARS.

17. Fish Tank

BBC Films

Fassbender Six Pack. FIVE STARS.

18. Paris Blues

Ooh la la. FIVE STARS.

19. Are We Officially Dating? (a.k.a. That Awkward Moment)

Yes, good. FIVE STARS.

20. Australia

Twentieth Century Fox


21. Guardians of the Galaxy


Congrats on your six pack, Chris Pratt. FIVE STARS.

22. Don Jon

Oops there goes my ovaries. FIVE STARS.

23. The Legend of Hercules


Half-god, half-six pack. FIVE STARS.

24. Pacific Rim

Six packs that will make your pants spontaneously disappear. FIVE STARS.

25. Casino Royale


Double-Oh-Six-Pack. FIVE STARS.

26. Troy

The six packs that launched a thousand ships. FIVE STARS.

27. Fool's Gold

Warner Bros

Time is a flat six pack. FIVE STARS.

28. The Dog Trick

Clean six packs have never looked so dirty. FIVE STARS.

29. Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts six packs in the corner. FIVE STARS.