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Marlon Wayans Accidentally Threw Epic Shade At Delta Goodrem

She is hereby known as "UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN".

Apparently, Marlon Wayans was so annoyed when his Beyoncé and Jay Z concert experience was accompanied by the "most unrhythmic white woman", he had to Instagram it.

What he didn't seem to realise was that the terrible dancer was none other than Australian pop star Delta Goodrem.

While she's had many hits in Australia and been a coach on The Voice, she's perhaps most known in the U.S. for dating Nick Jonas. And now, her terrible dancing.

Nine Network

Which, let's face it, IS pretty unrhythmic.

Delta, for her part, Instagrammed this picture with the caption, "WHAT A NIGHT!!!"

Keep on dancing, Delta. Keep on dancing.

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