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    "House Of The Dragon" Episode 9 Sees The Hightowers Up To No Good

    Episode 9 is traditionally the biggest and bloodiest episode in each season of Game of Thrones.

    Next week is the penultimate episode in Season 1 of House of the Dragon — Episode 9, which, according to Game of Thrones tradition, is always one of the biggest and bloodiest. Let's take a dive into the trailer!

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    It opens with a dark and empty throne room.

    The throne room, dark and empty

    Alicent, Otto, and Criston are in the Small Council chamber as Otto says, "The King is dead."

    Otto and Criston stand next to Alicent, who is seated at the Small Council Table

    There's a shot of a Kingsguard member sharpening their sword.

    A hand wearing Kingsguard armor sharpens a sword

    Alicent looks emotional as she tells someone — likely Otto — "He told me he wished for Aegon to be King."

    Alicent talks with tears in her eyes

    A hooded figure moves through a crowd in King's Landing.

    A hooded figure moves through a crowd in King's Landing.

    There's a crowd being directed somewhere by Gold Cloaks.

    A crowd moves through the streets surrounded by Goldcloaks.

    Then, we see Otto standing in front of the Iron Throne with some (but not all) lords bending their knees to him.

    Otto stands in front of the Iron Throne, several men in front of him bend their knees to him while others stay standing

    It seems like the factions are forming/solidifying!

    Men bow their heads to Otto

    There's another shot of Otto, this time saying, "The door remains shut until we finish our business."

    Otto stands and frowns

    Then, we see Aemond staring at someone — this is definitely Aegon, wearing a crown (!).

    Aemond stares at Aegon, who is blurred

    We get a nice shot of King's Landing.

    King's Landing

    Then, we see Otto again, this time telling a Kingsguard knight, "None can know who you are or what you seek."

    Otto talks to a Kingsguard knight

    What secret mission is he sending him off on?

    The Kingsguard knight walks down a corridor in the Red Keep

    Next, we see Rhaenys, who has apparently been locked in her room.

    Rhaenys presses her hand against a locked door

    Then, there's this shot of castle guards herding a bunch of servants into the dungeons.

    Castle guards lead servants into the dungeons

    Alicent's servant — who we learned is a spy for Mysaria — is one of those locked up.

    Alicent's servant is locked up in the dungeon

    A distressed Alicent says, "What of Rhaenyra?"

    Alicent sits at the Small Council Table looking upset

    A Kingsguard knight and a hooded figure stand in a King's Landing alleyway facing a crowd.

    A Kingsguard knight and a hooded figure stand in a King's Landing alleyway facing a crowd.

    There's this dark shot of someone jumping off something.

    Someone wearing a cape jumps off a ledge in darkness

    We see Larys telling Alicent, "I've found out something you should know."

    Larys talks to Alicent in front of a fire

    This is followed by a shot of a Targaryen-blonde child, which seems likely to be Aegon's bastard.

    A small blonde child sits in shadows

    There's this quick shot of two people fighting with their fists in what looks like some kind of boxing match.

    A blurrd shot of one man punching another

    A crowd cheers the fighters on.

    Men cheer

    Aemond stands wearing a hood and — plot twist! — facing another hooded figure.

    Aemond wears a hood and stands facing another hooded figure

    Criston fights another Kingsguard knight with his sword — he's likely facing off against Ser Harrold Westerling, judging by the grey whiskers on the other guy.

    Criston holds up his sword to another man

    The Kingsguard knight (or his brother? They're twins!) who Otto sent off on a secret mission is also sword-fighting with someone.

    A Kingsguard knight in a plain brown cloak fights someone with his sword

    We get another shot of an upset Alicent.

    Alicent looks upset

    And we see Lyman Beesbury saying, "This is seizure! It is treason at the least!"

    Lyman Beesbury yells

    There's a shot of the Gold Cloaks raising their swords.

    The Goldcloaks stand in two rows and raise their swords

    Here's those Kingsguard twins in their incognito clothes.

    The twin Kingsguard kngihts wear plain brown cloaks

    We see some castle guards riding around with Targaryen banners.

    Castle guards riding around with Targaryen banners.

    And these dudes playing their trumpets.

    Three men wearing Targaryen colors play trumpets

    Ser Arryk-or-Erryk chases after a disheveled-looking Aegon.

    One of the Kingsguard twins chases after Aegon

    A huge crowd moves toward the dragon pit.

    A crowd walks towards the dragonpit.

    We get one last shot of a smug-looking Otto.

    Otto looks smug

    Before we finally get a good look at the crown that was on Aegon's head. As we know from the opening credits, this is Aegon the Conquerer's crown. Significantly, it's resting on a green cushion. Over this shot, we hear Rhaenys say, "Have you never imagined yourself on the Iron Throne?"

    Aegon the Conqueror's crown sits on a green cushion

    What are you excited to see in House of the Dragon Episode 9?

    Book fans, keep it spoiler-free!